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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012 AHS National Convention: Bob Faulkner's Garden

...Well, I am back kinda soon...
This year's AHS National Convention was in Columbus, Ohio.  My husband, originally from Cincinnati, was an easy sell on this one to "Drive Miss Daylily" as he likes to say.

We arrived at the convention hotel on Wednesday evening, about 15 minutes after the scheduled closing time for convention registration.  But!  Never fear, in a sign that I took as a positive omen (and it was), they were still there!  This was very nice as the optional tour day that I, of course, had signed up for had a very early departure time the next morning.

My convention gift plant was one called COLUMBUS NIGHTS, a 2012 introduction by the Zolocks.  It's a very nice looking purple that I'll look forward to seeing bloom in my garden as a special reminder of this event.  (I just love things like that!)   All attendees received a special 2012 introduction from one of a number of Ohio hybridizers who grew them just for this event.  (Thank you!)

But...on to the daylilies we go...

Some of you may recall that I had the good fortune to visit Bob Faulkner's garden a few years ago and you can remember that here: CLICK MEI digress for a moment to admit that I think I never did post the rest of the daylily gardens I saw on that Northern Mecca trip.  Oh of these days...

Anyway...I found the right loading spot at the hotel (smile) and happily spied a few Region 3 friends as well as lots of other happy daylily folks boarding with their sack breakfasts (provided).  Soon, we pulled into Bob's garden.  

Let me just preface this with a few words about the drought that's going on there (and other places).  You'll be able to note that in some of the pictures. Although you'll see clear evidence of it, you'll also see how gardeners keep on going.  Bob is more than just a daylily gardener, so even though the daylilies were mostly finished, we still had plenty to enjoy.  Besides, you can always see that other post up there.

You walk down a long driveway to the daylilies and, if you're like me, you look right over to your left to take in Bob's most charming home:

As we continue walking, I am clicking away because...well, I like it and his gardens make me happy!


In my usual over-sharing way, we'll look closer at things.  Later.


See what I mean?  However, I noticed that if I just looked a little bit to the right....there's the American flag proudly waving as I remembered...


Now you see it, too.  (Wouldn't want to miss

Here's the back of Bob's house (Yes, we silly people look at everything!):

Isn't it sweet?

Here's the actual garden entry:

Note that large daylily to the left of the gate.  We'll see a lot more of those in the gardens.  They were so neat!  Here's the closer look I know you want:

This charming guy is Buzz.  

 I deliberately left in the donuts for you to see in this next picture, even though I obviously was taking a picture of the picture of many of Bob's patterned daylilies.  Patience.  These will

Yes, here's Buzz placing himself strategically for some bites of said goodies.  Smart dog!


I know your eye might be caught by the larger 'weed' sign, but take a look at the other one.  You can always click on a picture to see it larger...

I need one of these...

Just down the way, the pigeons are still in residence.

More beauty.  When you're on a tour, it's tough to get pictures without people.  I just try to not post something that might embarrass someone.  

My fascination with sunflowers continues...


The following are some blooms that were found in the above area.  I think they are probably seedlings, but I am not positive.  


 Our time is running out in this garden...


....and there are still things to see!


A quick closer look at those gardens up by the house...




The bench on the front porch caught my eye...



Thanks so much for letting us visit, Bob.  Your garden is a delight and full of wonder.


Special are the three seedlings I was able to talk Bob out of a piece of a few years ago.  

I call them, most originally, Faulkner #1, Faulkner #2 and Faulkner #3. 

Lots more to come...three more gardens on Thursday and then four each on Friday and Sat.  Don't even ask how many pictures I have to go through!

Thanks for joining me.

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