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Friday, August 03, 2012

Some Late Bloomers

We got a little rain today which was most welcome.  Elegant Finale has been rather pale this year, but I kinda like it that way.  

Elegant Finale (Stamile, 1987)
height 28", bloom 6", season VLa, Dormant, Tetraploid,  Pastel orchid with deep orchid eyezone and green throat. ((sdlg × Astolat) × (sdlg × Frandean)) 
I'm glad Elegant Finale survived some of my downsizing.  
Also looking pale, but lovely is Suzy Cream Cheese, which just gets better every year.

Suzy Cream Cheese (Bachman, 2001)
height 35", bloom 7", season La, Dormant, Diploid, 30 buds, 5 branches, Spider Ratio 4.00:1,  Peach self above gold yellow throat.  

I have a fondness for sunflowers and this year I even planted a few seeds, albeit quite late.  
This one is new to me this year and I've been favorably impressed.  It's blooming on a rebloom scape now.  I'm liking it better than Betty Ford, which Fabulous Frieda descends from. 

Fabulous Frieda...

Fabulous Frieda (Kirchhoff-D., 2007)
height 30", bloom 5.75", season EE, Rebloom, Evergreen, Tetraploid, 27 buds, 4 branches,  Clear intense cardinal red with bright rose watermark above dollop green throat. (((Betty Ford × sdlg) × ((Leonard Bernstein × Maria Callas) × (Leonard Bernstein × Maria Callas)))
Piglet came home with me last year from Baton Rouge, LA, site of the 2011 AHS National Convention. I was happy to receive it as a bus plant.  I suspect it probably won't bloom quite this late when it is more established.
 Piglet (Goudeau, 2008)
height 36", bloom 4.75", season MLa, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, 15 buds, 4 branches,  Baby ribbon pink with lipstick rose eye. (sdlg × sdlg) 
This picture doesn't accurately reflect the color of this daylily.  It is a dark burgundy or black red as the official description says.  Cabernet Cabaret is blooming on a rebloom scape.
Cabernet Cabaret (Reed, 2007)
height 48", bloom 7", season M, Dormant, Diploid,  Black red self above yellow to green throat. (Chief Black Hand × Planet Max)  
I'm really looking forward to this one, Ocean Spirit, settling in.  Having seen it blooming at clump strength, it really puts on a show.  This is its first year here with me.
Ocean Spirit (Murphy-J.P., 2006)
height 40", bloom 7", season MLa, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant, 26 buds, 4 branches,  Lavender with purple eye and cream edge above chartreuse throat. ((Grey Witch × Magic of Oz) × Loch Ness Monster)
This last one has taken forever (it seems) to settle in.  It's putting on the display this year that I expected from it.  Who knows why it sulked for so long (six years, no kidding...if it weren't a late, it would be long gone).  This daylily is unregistered, but is well known for blooming late...and that it does.
Ollalie Keith...
I'll end with some dragonflies.  I've been seeing these black and black/white ones for a couple years now.
However, recently I've seen a few with color...
The picture below is a bit disappointing, but you can still tell how colorful the dragonfly is/was...
(and why I've signed up for a photo course)

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sensiblegardening said...

I really enjoyed your daylily pictures. I am also a daylily addict. I hve a small daylily farm in Canada and right now we are in peak bloom.

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