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Friday, November 02, 2007

Looking ahead to Spring 08

I can't imagine Spring without Daffodils, can you? This winter I'll go over the pictures from Spring 07 (maybe finally organize them) and anticipate the pictures to come. Because...there will be new Daffodils to enjoy!

Here's what I've acquired so far (maybe a couple more? We'll see...):

American Rainbow
Apricot Whirl
Blazing Star
Butter & Eggs
Gold Convention
Hot Gossip
Love Potion
Mayan Dynasty
Modern Art
Notre Dame
Pacific Rim
Pink Morn
Pink Surprise
Red Devon
Sugar & Spice
Sunday Chimes
Watership Down
Wings of Freedom

Most, not all, of these I ordered in Spring, the best time to acquire Daffodils in my opinion, and so when they arrive now (in Fall), it is like getting a surprise package. I'll be updating my spreadsheet, adding these new arrivals...and reflecting on the performance I saw this past Spring. It will be time to note those (not in the majority, thankfully) that don't seem to perennialize.

This year, I was able to order a number of these through the Washington Daffodil Society. My neatly packaged order arrived this week (103007). These Daffodils have come from specialist growers (exciting!). Won't Spring be fun!

P.S. I thought about this, spring bulbs and all, after browsing over on Lisa at Millertime's blog...wait until you see what she's planting! (We will all be virtually visiting her next spring!) You have to scroll down and have a look at her journal!


I'm very excited about a book review that should be up next! I think you'll like this book, too!


Gina said...

Wow, you're going to be very busy! Can't wait to see your pics next Spring :O) [from Oz]

MrBrownThumb said...

I didn't buy any but I thought of your blog when I was at Menards and saw the bags of hundreds of bulbs available.

Hope you got a helper to plant those things.

joey said...

Yea spring! With daylight savings 'knocking at the door' ... how many more months must we endure?

Katie said...

Busy buys busy! Good luck with all of those bulbs! Plant some for me too!

Barbara said...

Lucky you! We do not have so many different sorts of daffodils here in Switzerland. But I'm always looking for new varieties though....Your garden must be a daffodil paradise in Spring! Looking forward to seeing pictures then!

kate said...

What a great collection of daffodils you have ... I think we'll all be coming here to have a look at your garden come spring. I remember how many wonderful flowers you had this past spring, so it will fun to see what comes up this coming spring!

Carol said...

Yes, spring wouldn't be spring without daffodils. And I remember all your pictures from last spring. And you are planting more?

It's a sickness, isn't it, and we all have it!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Andrea's Garden said...

Wow, you amaze me. That is quite a large number of bulbs to bury. You garden must be huge. It will be exciting to see them in spring. /Andrea

Marie said...

I am looking forward to see your flower photos next year!

Ki said...

That Lisa is a veritable typhoid Mary of bulbs. We also followed her lead and planted many crocus, tulip and daffodils. We just bought the common ones to cover an area mostly unseen but look forward to seeing your collection. The names seem very interesting.

Muum said...

looks like a lot of work, but I, too will look forward to your spring pics!

Muum said...

since I last swung by, my DH brought home about $50 worth of half-price bulbs. So I guess we are going to have to get busy, quick!

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Gina: I am...still...thanks! You know I'll have pictures up next year!

Hey Mrbrownthumb: You made me laugh! Hundreds of bulbs! I do need a helper! Well, I just have a few of most of them, so it's not so terribly bad!

Oh Joey, I'm already wanting spring, which is not a good thing! Although, I do like Fall....May it be a quick winter for all of us!

Hi Katie: I need to be busy! Lol! Thanks...and I'll think of you!

Really, Barbara? Shows what I know...I guess I thought you'd be able to get all those in the Netherlands!! Well, England...and Ireland, too...but, I guess it's not that easy, huh. I hope it is exciting in Spring and I will take pictures! Thanks!

Kate, after daylilies, I do like my daffs! I like lots of things...but those two have their own spreadsheets (I's very strange!). I hope you will be back!

Hi least it's a harmless non-life-threatening one! Looking forward to the spring bulbs really pulls me through winter!

Ah Andrea, not huge at all...just crammed! I'm not sure where some of these will go, but I'll figure something out. I do have my tags made and that's something, though!

Thanks, Marie!

Hi Ki: It's going to so fun around our blog world this spring! Can't wait to see all of Lisa's...yours, too! Not quite as interesting as daylily names, but then not as many either!

Oh muum, that is so great! What a sweetie! You will be so glad when they bloom this spring! I will have to remember to come see!

Thank you all for your comments! I enjoyed them very much!

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