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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mary Washington House Update

Okay, okay...I have not been the faithful correspondent I imagined I would be back in spring. But, you'll forgive me, right? I did get my hours but I didn't spend as much time in Mary's Garden this year as I would have liked. For those of you who might not know, the Mary Washington House is the home of George Washington's mother. I am part of a group of volunteers who work in Mary's garden. Here's a list of some of the previous posts on the MWH I've done.

Anyway, last post's fig reminded me that I had some pictures from early September to share. You'll see exactly what I mean in a minute.

It's always changing in the garden (like any garden) and I find things that I've seen over and over take on a new look. The crepe myrtle petals on the brick were just very striking that day.

Mary's vegetable garden (Isn't it lovely to look at?)

The zinnias were proudly waving and very eye-catching:

Sweet Autumn Clematis...note the posts in front:

Now you know....

Here's an upward view of figs at the Mary Washington House:

And, a not-so-great picture of a very tasty and sweet fig...yum!

Now you know why I want to wrap my tree this year (the one at the MWH doesn't have to be wrapped...)!


Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

What lovely pictures and a neat story! I really want to visit one of these days! ~A :-)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

I always enjoy looking at your pics of Mary's beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing!

Bare Bones Gardener said...

Looks like a lot of work being done by some very dedicated volunteers, well done.

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

Great shots! I love your fig shot. Mine's looking a little peekid (sp? a granny saying!) right now. I love that walkpath!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

New information to me!
That fig shot, with the luscious shades of green, raspberry and white...oh, I want some RIGHT NOW!

Spinneretta said...

I love the MW house... we visited one year and got a ghost story :)
So why doesn't their fig need to be wrapped? Is it because it downtown?

lisa said...

What a cool place! I must be a pretty uninformed American citizen (especially for a gardener), but I have never heard of this historic garden. Looks like you and the other volunteers do an outstanding job!

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