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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Water Restrictions

Here in Stafford County, VA, we are currently experiencing drought conditions and have mandatory water restrictions. As of Monday, those restrictions will increase and only hand watering (outside) will be allowed. Well, at least there's that. A tiny bright spot is that does show rain headed our way the latter part of next week, but that could always change.

I've been trying to be a good steward and have lost some things, as one would expect. Right now, I'm trying to hurry-up my fall getting-ready-for-winter program. My plan (ha) is to try to get everything all mulched by Sunday (will never happen, but I can dream) and then use that, the last day, to water thoroughly with a hose.

My biggest concern are new plantings. And, since I move daylilies in and out, I have quite a few of those. Somewhere around six or so new daylilies are on their way to me now. I'll get some of those currently potted up, but not Sunday. My biggest worry is my seedlings. I have tons still waiting to be planted out...which I want to do to ensure they're settled in before winter...but, it would be much easier to water them by hand if I leave them in their planting boxes...half a dozen of this, half a dozen of that.

I know I'm not alone...I've heard of water issues from a lot of folks/places and even some areas of Virginia are worse off than we are. However, the areas directly surrounding us do not appear to have these issues...and misery does love company.

Anyway, I have a backlog of things I've been meaning to get to (there's always winter)...for the moment, though, I'm headed out to drag the soil amendments around and see what's hanging on through this...


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Am keeping my fingers crossed that some of that rain you're needing is heading your way soon...

blueblue said...

Welcome to the bucket watering brigade. You get used to it after a while...can't remember the last time I used a garden hose.
Hopefully the rain will come soon : )

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