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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bits and Pieces 102407

After whining about our lack of rain, it is with delight that I inform you that it is raining!! Yes! Right now, in fact. Picture a big smile on my face....

This past weekend, DH and I attended Lilyhemmer in PA. It probably deserves its own post, so I'll just say it was so fun!

The weekend before, I attended the RADS Banquet in Richmond where Jamie Gossard was the guest speaker. Can you say Daylilies, Daylilies, Daylilies?? More on this later, too...maybe with the Lilyhemmer one.

Amazingly, I have a daylily blooming. It's BUTTERED POPCORN and this has been a fabulous rebloom it has gifted me with this month. Not a fancy daylily by today's modern standards, but a workhorse plant.

The veggies are done. The last tomato plant, Sungold, is now gone along with all the peppers. I might still squeeze a final harvest of basil. We'll see (I do love pesto...more on of these days...over at Gotta Eat).

The roses have been blooming and putting on a nice display...even with no water...

My South Carolina Tea Olive continues to pour out fragrant blooms:

Here's my fig tree...which is from a cutting off of the one at the Mary Washington House. This fruit won't have time to ripen, sadly....I am counting on my neighbor down the street to help me wrap this tree for winter. I've not done this in the past and it basically dies down and then has to start all over again. She wrapped hers last year and has been eating lots of figs. I'm eager to give it a try (the wrapping...and the eating!).

This is a bit of what's going on around here....


Anonymous said...

Very nice photos!

Sorry my poore english!

Rosaterciopelo-Gran Canaria-Spain

Annie in Austin said...

Hello Gotta Garden,

You've given us a lot to digest with your catching-up-posts... it's fun reading them in a batch. My few figs ripened here with no problem, but I guess you have to do some winter protection.Will burlap & leaves be enough in Virginia? In Illinois my neighbor dug up one side, laid her fig over on its side and covered with leaves, then a metal barrel cut in half lengthwise, then bags and bags of mulch. She was one determined woman! Good luck with yours!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

kate said...

The crepe myrtle blossoms look lovely decorating the path.

I hope your fig will be wrapped well and produce figs for you next year. How cool would that be!!

lisa said...

Nice late season bounty! Good luck with your fig.

Kylee said...

I love your photo of the tomatoes and peppers! Makes me almost want to start eating them! (If I only liked how they tasted...)

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