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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Two Years Strong!

Imagine that. Who would have thought it! Two years ago on a whim I decided to share my garden and, okay, bits of me with the world. And, we're still here...the garden and me! Both of us have changed some, expanding and retracting (probably more expanding than retracting, but let's not go there...), a little older, maybe a little wiser (maybe), more colorful and more adventurous, but...most of all...enriched by trying this blogging thing and meeting all of you. Really! It's been more fun than I expected (I mean, I didn't expect fun, but hey, I'll take it!).

Since I'm no computer whiz (yes, you know that), I won't entertain you with fancy graphics or whatever they might be called. I'll just keep on...doing whatever it is I do. Which means, I think, I'll talk about what's going on in my garden, what garden-y things I'm doing or seeing and especially those gardens I visit. And, speaking of that....(great segue, don't you think?)

Did you miss me?? I've been gone....however, I have lots to share with you! (I know, that file keeps getting bigger and, I guess you'll just have to hang with me until I get around to it all...right?) Three new-to-me gardens are waiting to be shared, i.e., Portland's famous Japanese Garden, The Oregon Garden, and, my favorite of these, I think, The Bishop's Close. Of course, I went shopping (need you ask)! But, I was very restrained and only three (okay, four) plants came home with me...and some wonderful Oregon grown Dahlias (who can resist? not me). If you know Portland, you know about Powell', yes, a few garden books begged to come home with me also (even a few cookbooks...oh right, that's the other blog...the one I will get back to one of these days). So, see, there's lots to talk about.

And, I haven't gotten to the Horticulture Symposium I attended before I left...can't wait to tell you all about that! A few things are coming up in the future (it never ends...or at least, I hope it doesn't! is Garden Education Season, after all!) and there's all that other stuff still waiting...

For grins, here's last year's anniversary post (there actually was a second one) and my very first one.

Because you expect it (don't you?) and because there are a few things to look's what I found upon my return:

My second crocus to bloom (the first was already spent)...not the Cream Beauties I usually have (think they went along with the tree I had taken out...):

Those Snowdrops that were just poking out are going strong (and some others are now peeking through):

The Hardy Cyclamen that had just a couple blooms now has a nice little group:

Daffodils are putting up foliage all around, but I think these are the first buds I've found:

Yesterday, I was out doing errands and I happened upon a feeding frenzy at a local grocery store. People snatching at flowers (tisk, tisk, those of you who waited until the last moment...) was quite entertaining...and then I spied some tulips...quite cheap, too...and I just had to jump in....

Worth it, yes? A little blogging anniversary present to myself! Here's to a new year of garden adventures!


Carol said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! Those tulips are too pretty to pass up!

jodi said...

Happy, happy Blogaversary, Katie! You've just demonstrated why Gotta Garden is one of my favourites--your zest for life and your absolute joy in plants, your's to many more years of blogging joy.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Happy blog anniversary! It looks like spring is arriving at your home, YEA for you!

No Rain said...

Happy blog anniversary! Hope you have many more. The photos are lovely.
Happy GTS,

Andrea's Garden said...

How funny! I just read another blog where the person shared how she started with a PC and then arrived in the blogging world to share her garden. Isn't the internet great!

kate said...

Those are beautiful tulips - happy anniversary! I am so glad you are blogging. Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed seeing and hearing about your plants, but I've also enjoyed your tours. You don't need fancy graphics ... your blog is wonderful just as it is!

I'm envious of those snowdrops and daffodils soon to be in bloom.

It will be great to hear about your Portland tours ... I missed you!!

Jane Marie said...

I love the word Jodi used, "blogaversary" So Happy That. And may you have many more. We love your posts.

Gotta Garden said...

Thanks, Carol! I thought so, too...they didn't last very long, though.

Hi Jodi: Thank you so much! You are too kind...I appreciate it very much!

Hello there Robin's Nesting Place: Thanks! Not quite, but I am always hopeful. We've had some snow and ice...but I hope it will mostly be gone tomorrow.

Hi No Rain (great name...that's what last year felt like here!): Thanks so much!

Greetings Andrea's Garden: Yes, indeed...the internet is quite something...allowing all of us to connect...and so easily, too.

Oh, Kate, you are always so nice! Thanks for taking the time to stop by. We have much to discuss!

Hi Jane Marie: Thank you very much! I really appreciate such nice comments.

Take care all...and thanks again!

lisa said...

Happy Blogaversary! And many more...

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Happy second blog anniversary GG, well done you! Of course you couldn't resist those lovely tulips, no one can. A great way to treat yourself!

Annie in Austin said...

These Blogoversary wishes are a little late, Katie - happy two years of fun posts! How appropriate for such a flower lover to send herself tulips in celebration ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Barbara said...

You really deserve these lovely bunch of tulips. Happy blog anniversary and happy continueing!

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