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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Multiples A-L

I need flowers! While still going through zillions of pictures, I've pulled out of few shots of multiple blooms of (what else) daylilies that I rather, here we go...

Aerial Applique:

Cameroons Twister:

Carnival in Mexico:

Flight of Orchids:

Gail Braunstein:

Heavenly Angel Ice:


Hildred West:


Kirsten's Corsage:

Last Chance for Romance:

Later Alligator:


Judy said...

Beautiful Day Lilly photos!! What type of camera do you use? I'm a novice landscape photographer that is truly enjoying photographing whatever I come across!!! My new favorite is winter landscapes.

joey said...

A colorful feast for winter white eyes ... Aerial Applique really caught my eye!

~the girl said...

Everytime you post a great montage of photos, I add to my wish list. H.'Flight of Orchids' is amazing. Thanks for the day-brightener!!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

What a beautiful sight this morning. I love your lily collection.Flight of Orchids is a beauty.

Shady Gardener said...

How do I love them? Let me count the ways... ;-) Wonderful daylilies!!

Floridagirl said...

Ooh, awesome daylilies! You can't have too many! I too am a daylily enthusiast...trying to learn how to feed my obsession down here in Florida. Much fewer choices than when I lived in Zone 7.

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Your yard must be amazing, with so many varieties...and I remember from other posts that these a just a fraction of the lily varieties that you have. Can you remember all of their names without looking them up? I would guess you probably can, since you are such a lily addict;-)

lisa said...

Bravo! These images are a sight for snow-weary eyes! :)

annie said...

j'adore its beautiful very very

Gotta Garden said...

Hi current camera is a Canon Rebel xti (which I adore)...I have four lenses to play with. I'm looking at a fifth, but it's pretty hard to justify that as a I love taking pictures, too. So much to learn...I do see big differences from even a few years ago.

Digital cameras are just incredible. I'm toying with the idea of a photography blog (although I obviously can't keep up with what I Everybody has their own style.

Canon has released at least one, maybe two, models after mine (of the same one), they just keep getting better and better.

My camera is also pretty tough. I don't recommend this, but mine has been through so worst being pouring rain at the AHS Nat Convention last actually stopped working. But, when it dried was perfect. I love it!

Probably tmi!

Hey Joey, we need our breaks! Thanks!

You're welcome, the girl! Thank you.

Hello Hocking Hills Gardener...FOO has been such a good daylily once it got established. Strong and sturdy, lots of blooms...what more could you ask?? Thanks!

Me, too, Shady Gardener, me, too! Lol!

Oh have to get connected in FL! There are LOTS of great hybridizers in FL! Last year's national convention was there...

Check out the AHS website and locate a club near you. You will be amazed! FL is GREAT for daylilies! Seed to bloom in one year! (vs 2-3 for the rest of us)...You will be blown away!

Pretty much, Jan! It does help that they're!

Thanks, Lisa!

Oh Annie...My son showed me that google (and other places) has a translator. You can google it...and then put the web address in...and presto...the blog is translated. I hope this helps.

Thanks so much everyone for coming by.

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