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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Multiples M-Z

Let's finish up my little winter escape with the remainder of the alphabet. Just a few images with multiple blooms...

Orchid Corsage

Peppermint Pinwheel

Pink Peppermint

Pirate Code

Raspberry Goosebumps

Ruby Spider

Sandra Elizabeth

Shoo-Fly Pie

Small World Ali

Small World Looney Tunes

So Many Stars

Spacecoast Dream Catcher

Spacecoast Eye Declare

Spotted Fever

Starman's Quest

Swan Pond

Thanks Mister Wizard

Tuxedo Junction

Waiting in the Wings

Lots of nice color...on a day when my front door is iced shut....


Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

A pretty sight for snow covered eyes!

sweet bay said...

So many beautiful daylilies. I think some more daylilies just got added to my wish list... :)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

They are all just so gorgeous I would take them all. LOL! Just adore the Raspberry Goosebumps. Dream Catcher is such a pretty pink along with Spotted Fever. You have so many beauties.

Shady Gardener said...

You must answer my question!! Do you really OWN all these daylilies that you feature (except your tours, of course!)?? I'm constantly amazed at the numbers and varieties you feature. (Jealous, of course!) ;-) Beautiful! And where do you find them??

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Jan: Hope you're doing better. I just needed some color with all this whiteness around us!

Oh Sweet Bay, the lists never end! The 2010s are out, or at least mostly....many more to think about!

Thank you, Hocking Hills Gardener! They are so fun to grow and work with.

Lol, Shady Gardener! Of course, I will answer your question. Yes, unless I say otherwise, they're mine...and taken right here in my small yard. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 750+ registered daylilies. I'm a little uncertain as my spreadsheet includes all...even those that are no longer here...I should query it to determine the exact number.

Every year, I'm determined to get the number down...but, I keep adding... so the math doesn't work...ha.

I also have hundreds of is tight here...why some of those seedlings are still in boxes...

Gotta Garden said...

P.S. Shady Gardener...I buy from lots of different places/folks. Sometimes directly from the hybridizer...sometimes from re-sellers (of which there are very many, some better than others). One of my favorite places is the Lily Auction. Good deals to be had there! Always check a seller's feedback. I occasionally sell there, too.

The best place to buy is from a local grower (to you). There you'll find plants that are ready to jump into your own garden without missing a beat. Find out when peak bloom is in your area. A daylily farm in peak bloom is not to be missed!

Oh yes...if there are any local daylily clubs in your area, they usually have spring and fall sales. Unbeatable prices on those.

Becca's Dirt said...

Those are some fine flowers there. I am oohhing and aaaing over your lilies. I stepped over from Flowerlady's blog.

VĂ©rone said...

Superbe !

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