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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Last night seems to have brought a little rain...I think...much needed and much appreciated. Around midnight, I saw the sidewalk and stairs were damp but as of early (very) this morning, those areas were all dry... At any rate, there are still some daylilies in bloom here. These pictures from yesterday are the first I've attempted to organize this year of my daylilies. Just think of all the pictures from before yesterday there still are to go through...



MARY'S BABY (also on rebloom and please note...the actual bloom is darker than I've captured with my camera)



SOLAR MUSIC...a huge flat bloom

CATAPULT SAM...tall with lots of buds still to open...also should be darker

BLUE PINK BEAUTY...finally coming into its own...although still only two fans, albeit large ones...

MICHAEL MILLER...although not a perfect bloom (I'm sure I have better photos), was still gorgeous and reliably so...

BETTY older double, but still nice and does actually double on just about every bloom...

FROZEN JADE...another oldie, with huge fragrant blooms

LOVE OR ELSE...reliably late...

SMALL WORLD HOOT this year, a gift plant from Michael Miller

LAST CHANCE FOR ROMANCE...a certain late from Jim Murphy....are you noticing all the buds?

Among the many things I have yet to blog about is my trip to the Northern Mecca this year. Despite my resolve to not bring home more daylilies....sigh...seedlings from three hybridizers' gardens did somehow find their way into the car. Can't wait to write about this trip and show lots of pictures...probably under the heading of Driving Miss Dayliily as my DH (esteemed daylily chauffeur) referred to it...In case you don't recall or are too young, that's a takeoff of a famous movie Driving Miss Daisy... Anyway, yesterday a few of the seedlings were having last or near last blooms (once again, I'm sure I have better pictures).....just for fun..... This is a Holmes' seedling that I was delighted to among the thousands of wonderful seedlings there. Most of the ones (okay, all) were marked for either their own purposes or someone (drat) had beat me to a particular one. Somehow this one had escaped anyone's notice. What drew my attention was a scape with good branching as well as height, characteristics I would like to bring to my own seedlings. I'll write more about all this when I do the official post. For now, just note this is a cool bloom, although smaller than normal and with not quite as much movement... my surprise....and delight...there was a bonus in this clump...

....a dropped seed, most likely....will be difficult to separate out as this scape is tight next to the others....I would expect these (and the other Holmes' seedlings) to be tets as it is my understanding that Sandy Holmes only works with tets.

A couple years ago, I visited Dan Bachman's briefly when we were in Ohio for a wedding. It was a bit early for their bloom season, but I still managed to come home with some seedings. As you might imagine, they have now come into their own and I'm quite pleased with them. A couple are still blooming now...which is late this year...and appear to be bud builders. The one I'm going to show you below is a giant bloom...and also purple, not red. Purples can be difficult to capture. Perhaps one day I'll learn the wonders of Photoshop or some such to fix these issues.

That wasn't so hard. Ha. Okay, I'll clue you in that I'm considering my options. Recently, I registered a domain name and am investigating hosting options. Since I am not a computer whiz at all, this will be quite the adventure. I have mixed feelings about it all. It's easy and comfortable here, but there are limits. Yes, unfortunately, limits. Which I don't like. At all. Very discouraging. If I were to post at my normal pace (lots of daylily pictures), I'd guess that I would probably be at or near my limit for photos.

So, stay tuned. Nothing will happen right away. I would encourage you to register your domain name if you are new to blogging. If you're not, it's probably too I found out. Every version of Gotta Garden you can think of has been taken.

Until next time....


Anonymous said...

I've gotta come see your garden and photograph all those daylilies some day! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Is "JustGottaGarden" taken? That would be a nice alternative!

Shady Gardener said...

Yea! Back in the saddle. :-) Love your variety. Now... if we didn't know Betty Woods was a daylily, we might think she was a daffodil! ha!

Keep us "posted" on your future changes.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Cindy: Oh, that would be neat to see my garden through your eyes/camera. Although, I'm freaking out at the thought of all the weeds and imperfections that abound here.

They're almost done now, the daylilies...but next!

And, hey, what a great suggestion! Shhhhhh(I've got to go check that one). (Thanks!)

I'm less happy now with the domain I registered as I just glanced at one of my shelves of gardening books and saw a book with a similar title...eek! And here I thought I was so original and creative (not).

Hi SG: Glad to see you! I certainly will.

Thanks, y'all!

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