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Friday, June 03, 2011

First Garlic of 2011

Yea! June 1st also brought my first garlic for this year. This is a variety new to me called Red Janice and, yes, it is an early one. Luckily, it decided to wait for my return from Baton Rouge. I just happened to look out the window and noticed one section of the garlic was leaning.

Upon further investigation (i.e., digging out one to look), I determined that, yes indeed, it was ready. Out they came.

I was pretty pleased with them! There's 23 heads (if I counted correctly) which is darn good for the small space they occupied. Plus, they're all decent sized. Finally, I may be getting the hang of this. Although, I'm not speaking too quickly (with fingers crossed), as I have more varieties still growing.

At any rate, I'm happy! Definitely a keeper and one to plant back this fall. Here's the label:

I also pulled a couple of lost names ones that appeared ready. I do love garlic! You can't have too much, I useful, so tasty! Once you grow fresh, nothing else will do. I think I've been playing around with garlic for at least ten years....some years better than others. My new order was placed in I just love trying new varieties or re-trying some that I think maybe I could do better with. Like daffodils, I order my garlic early for the best selection.

Okay, just another look....


Tanya Highet said...
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Randy Emmitt said...

Guess we are pulling our garlic this weekend. Meg stomped it down last week.

Anonymous said...

Wow they look good. I haven't had much luck with garlic, they just don't get big enough to make it worthwhile, and so I tend just to use old cloves planted next to the carrots to try and keep the carrot fly off. Your post caught my eye - my name is Janice!

JORDI said...

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Rhodes Creations said...

Great blog! I love your garden posts and love garlic.
Just thought I'd stop by to let you know I'm having a garden link party at my blog and would love for you to visit! Blessings, Laura

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Kalipso said...

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Nice garlic you have. I love it very much and use it very much in my cooking.

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