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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Heuchera Seedlings

I do like heucheras (as evidenced by this post) and realized last year, I think it was, that they seed around. I found little seedlings on one side of my house where there are just a couple of older heucheras and so the seedlings weren't anything particularly special. It was just kinda fun to find them.

Okay, now I'm beginning to think this isn't uncommon, as I have just today found a number of seedlings in the bed where most of the heucheras reside (there are a few others here and there). I was popping out dandelions and did a double take. As I looked around, I found more and more. I suppose it isn't all that shocking as when I think about it, I have a sedum that seeds around. It's just...still...surprising to me. Although, I do like surprises, usually.

Okay, here's my favorite of these new ones:

Note the green edges. That's pretty neat. Here it is closer:

Here's some others, none made me go wow or anything, but they're kinda cute...

(haha...dandelion leaves at the top of the picture, above...guess I didn't get to that one...yet)

The last two are from last year, I think, and are a little bigger, more mature than the others. I also have a seedling from Midnight Rose, which has some of the same speckling, just not quite as as much as its mom. A lot of seedlings are like that and why one often has to grow many many to find one that's really special (ahem, could I possibly be talking about daylily seedlings?).

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Lona said...

I think it is wonderful that you are getting seedlings growing from your heuchera plants. Those free plants are always welcome and can be moved around. Have a terrific weekend.

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