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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Some You just Gotta Grow...

Yellow or Golden Stargazer Lilies...beautiful, but oh so hard to get....These are finally attaining their beauty after a few years. I have ordered them from at least three sources (maybe four) and this is the only one that appears to be it...the others are very nice lilies, but not a yellow or golden stargazer.

Helinium Mardi Gras....just blooms and blooms...and looks like a party, don't you think! Gorgeous with yellows and oranges, even purple!

Another lily, probably Shocker, with an agastache grown from seed (third year, it's quite the shrub this year), and a self seeding (and thankfully returning) Rudbeckia Prairie Sun. Not hardy, as are the other two, but so welcome! We'll cross our fingers that it continues to like the environment and keeps returning (this is its second return visit).


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Beautiful... I never knew that such a thing as a yellow or golden stargazer existed! I'm jealous of your agastache, by the way. Three seed packets and three different sowing methods into my attempts, I still have no agastache rupestris. *sigh*

Gotta Garden said...

Hi! If it's any consolation, I don't find that agastache this point...a very long lived perennial here. Since they have so many in the High Country Gardens catalog, they're much happier out there, clearly! I think my record is three years...but this spring (07) will be a test...can they make it to four?? Who knows.

Okay, here's a random thought: Given how harsh I perceive the environment to be in NM, maybe we should just treat them bad....stick them in dry hot areas and forget about them??

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