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Friday, July 07, 2006

They're listening (or don't talk in front of your plants)

Since I cannot stop buying daylilies and I live on a small plot of land (mostly house and steep hill, although I do try to use the hill) to expand is becoming rare. So, as I walk around, I note daylilies that...well, let's just say...don't quite make the grade. Very hard, as I like to give them all a chance, but there are so many to try!

At any rate, Halls Pink has been on my hit list. It's an old daylily (not that that is bad), has a small bloom (I'm mostly fond of the biggies and doubles and spiders...okay, most everything but the smalls), doesn't appear to be registered, and just isn't particularly exceptional.

Then it does this...which if you don't know, the bloom on the right is a polytepal...pretty neat! An extra petal and an extra's like it was just trying so hard to show me something special! It was particularly interesting with a regular blossom on the left, so the difference is quite apparent. I don't recall it ever doing this before. (It heard me! "No, don't dig me out")

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