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Friday, July 07, 2006

Willow Oaks Farm

Yesterday a group of us Mary's Gardeners made our way to Willow Oaks Farm. I've been visiting Willow Oaks Farm for several years now. It is one of my favorite daylily places. The owners, Bruce and Marie, are always lovely and their daylilies are reasonably priced, strong and well grown. I take them home and they don't miss a beat.

Even though I have many daylilies for my small yard, I don't think I have ever been to Willow Oaks and not found more that I couldn't live without. Visiting is like candy to a sugar addict!

They do have a website (under construction):

And, because I still struggle with posting of photos, I will end this one and attempt some more photos in another post.

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Jennifer Marrero said...

My name is Jennifer Marrero...I'm one of Marie's granddaughters. I think its awewsome that you love to visit Nana's! I'm so proud of what she has done with the farm...and to think she started out in the back room of the house!!

I remember helping her in the garden while I was growing up...I believe my younger siblings, Kaytie and David, still do!

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