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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Looking around....

It's still hot and looking to get even hotter in the week to come, so maybe now I can begin to go through some of the zillions of photos I have taken. We'll just take a little look around now.

Here's Kitty Wells, on rebloom:

Take a look at this:

We're looking at the two fans I have of Kitty Wells. If you look on the right, you can see the dark green scape that carries the daylily in the above picture that is blooming now. Look a bit to the left at the browning scape; that was the one that bloomed before. Notice anything? What looks like two little daylily fans are attached to it. They're called proliferations or prolifs, for short. If that old scape remains viable long enough, those prolifs should begin to put out their own roots. If they do, they can be planted and will be exactly like the mother plant. That's another way daylilies can reproduce. This would be especially sweet if these hold on (some people have success cutting them off and putting them in water...not me), as Kitty Wells is a gorgeous bloom (and rather expensive), so a clump would be spectacular...some extra fans would be most welcome.

After Awhile Crocodile is a late bloomer:

Terry Lyninger is reblooming:

As is Carolyn Hunt:

Orchid Corsage, another late bloomer:

Very well known as a late (most mark the beginning of the end of daylily season with SE blooms), Sandra Elizabeth is open with at least 10 flowers today:

Right beside SE, are the monster sized blooms of Look Here Mary. They are a delight as each looks a bit different and are fragrant as well:

Unfortunately, on the auto setting, my camera doesn't always focus on what I's a fuzzy candy lily seedling growing in the daylilies:

Pineapple Lilies finally getting some sun after the winterhazel was cut back severely. Perhaps their purple leaves will return now.

Tiger Lilies, determined to grow even after my attempted eradication last year. I think I've found a home for these (if only they'll leave). They're only about one third the size they were last year...(and to think I thought I had dug them all out).

This oxalis 'Iron Cross' is the only one of three varieties to return. There are probably less than half as many as I had last year.

Ivy geraniums finally starting to bloom again now that the Japanese Beetles have started to slow down (one hopes). In my ever eclectic way, I couldn't decide on three of one color, so there's the maroon one, the pink one, and not blooming (right now) lavender one.

Canna Pretoria with the orange bloom and yellow/green leaves. Behind it, with deep purples leaves is Canna President...and behind that Canna Tropicana...excuse the mess of my bottom deck. You can see some of the Japanese Beetle damage on the leaves of the canna directly in front. Looking in the back (come on, I know you look!), those are amaryllis that hang out here in the summer, then get taken into the basement through those sliding doors. To the left of the doors, in the blue pot, is my Meyer Lemon Tree which I am happy is surviving this year. You wouldn't have believed it when I brought it out this year. I thought it was a goner for sure. It doesn't look like it'll have lemons this year (last year, it produced five), but, as I said, I'm just glad it's alive. Yep, those are tuberoses to the left. I'll show you a better picture below. All of these come in and out of the basement. I do have tuberoses that overwintered outside in my microclime and cannas, too.

I'll stop (for now) with this picture.


kate said...

I love that your daylilies are still blooming... or re-blooming. I didn't know about proliferations, so now I do. I hope you get some new plants from them.

The Canna lilies are pretty - darn Japanese beetles. How irritating those are. I think they are having a heyday with my front garden morning glories. grr...

600 daylilies seems like quite a moderate number. gulp! I think it's great that you are giving some to a women's prison. Recently I read an article about a woman who gardened with a group of prison inmates and it was an incredibly heartening story. Nurturing and growing things is one of the best things we can do for so many reasons.

Enjoy your weekend ... and hopefully the heat isn't too intense.

Barbara said...

I cannot stop looking at the pictures of the daylilies...and I'm looking forward to seeing my newly bought ones next year!
Have a good time...also in your garden!

Apple said...

I love your swallowtail picture. I've had a few here this year. My daylilies are all passalongs but I'll remember to check my scapes before cutting them if I ever get one that doesn't spread like crazy on it's own.

A wildlife gardener said...

How fantastic these blooms are! Do you have the national collection? You have so many wonderful hemerocallis, I feel sure you must be in the running for the largest collection of them.

I have six varieties, which I truly I know why you grow so many. And that beautiful butterfly is fabulous :)

Cris Bolbosa said...

Hello, I arrived here trough other blogs, and I'm delited. I love bulb flowers, and Daylilies are one of may favorites. Yor flowers are very beatiful.
This year I'm going do seed some, I never did it before.
I'll visit you often, I liked your garden very much (sorry for my english).

Green thumb said...

Lovely Daylily photographs. I like your Pineapple lilies too,i have never seen them before.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Kate! Thanks so much for your thoughts! Today's mail brought a thank you from the workgroup...which was nice. The heat has been (and is) pretty intense, but I did get some things done this morning...and now, I'm finally getting to some things I've meant to do on, making lemonade, as they say! Hope things are well your way.

Hi Barbara: Oh, I hope they bring you much pleasure! I try!

Hi Apple: I sorta think (half kidding) the higher you go in price, the slower they increase!! Ha! I've seen a couple of butterflies that I hadn't noticed before. I'm hoping my pictures of them came out (I haven't really had a chance to look). It's been a good year for butterflies! The swallowtails are regulars around here because, I think, of the parsley that seeds itself all around as well as the verbena bonariensis

Hi A Wildlife Gardener: You flatter me, but no, not even close! With close to 60k registered daylilies and, I think, some 10k in active commerce, I am just an avid collector. In daylily circles, I am just an average collector (many people have more, believe it or not...the AHS Display garden I visited in Maryland is owned by a couple who have at least one thousand varieties). I just have finite space, unfortunately, and so am having to make choices (which I don't like to have to do!) as I continue to collect...and grow my own seedlings.

That's interesting, though, and I don't know the answer...we don't seem to have national collections.

Hi Cris: I'm glad to hear from you! Good luck with your seeds. I enjoy growing them from seed and this year saw my first blooms from seed...very exciting! I hope you will be back!

Hi Green Thumb: If only you weren't so far...they are bulbs...I started with with one and it appears it has multiplied quite a bit...would be a good candidate for a passalong plant, don't you think? There are several varieties, but I like this one for its purple leaves (usually...when it isn't shaded) and faintly pink blooms.

Thank you all for your comments!

lisa said...

I'm so glad you mentioned proliferations! There was a daylily I admired where I used to work-yellow with a pink throat, fragrant-it had those all over the bloom scapes, like a spider plant! I'd never seen such a thing, so I grabbed a few and took them home. I had the best luck rooting them in water, but only long enough to get a few roots, then planted out the lone survivor. (The rest rotted cuz' I left them in water too long.) It took at least 4 years before I got blooms, and it does fine now, but so far no prolifs from the prolf-parent. Does this occur often? Regardless, you sure have a lot of nice daylilies! Not to gloat, but I must say that I love my current climate for the lack of Japanese beetles!!!

Anonymous said...

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