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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Return to Lewis Ginter

After enjoying Felder Rushing, I went out to see what was new with Lewis Ginter (Botanical Garden). Containers were on my mind, naturally. And, Lewis Ginter had some to see as well as some display containers.

(I just thought that fern...I think it's a fern...was pretty neat)

This display looked like fun...and I think Felder would approve, don't you?

For the butterflies:

What the rose garden looks like without the roses in bloom:

The frog fountain:

Hibiscus looking pretty good in July:

You know I like benches:

I forget if this one is the healing garden on the next one (I'll find out in Sept...)

I always like to see what's planted seasonally along this main walkway:

Blackberry Lilies:

Pineapple Lilies (much more upright than mine...):

Squirrels are enjoyable in other (not mine) gardens:

We'll end our little visit today with a few from the Japanese garden. It's always so pretty and peaceful here.

It occurred to me that I have been here (this year) in March, May and this visit in July. Do you see a pattern? Yep, that's right...September should be next...and I will be there (RADS sale, at the very least).


Marie said...

Beautiful photos! The windows with different colours are interesting.

Gotta Garden said...

Thank you, Marie! It was a nice display...great for ideas!

Cris Bolbosa said...

Thanks for that beautiful photos. I would like to have that garden centers in my country.
That ideas for the windows are very nice.

kate said...

GG, thank you for this tour. I love the Lewis Ginter garden - which r reminds me, are you going to take any drawing or painting classes there this year?

We have a love of benches in common, it seems. I can always rely on you to photograph them.

The pots are wonderful - the fern is cool. Someone must have had a great time putting together those flower walls and pots.

I would love to see the Japanese garden. It exudes a sense of peacefulness that must be quite something to experience firsthand.

Ah, blackberry lilies... they are so pretty.

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