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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bits and Pieces

We can't just stop with that last glaring post, now can we? Here are some shots from yesterday (I'm so far behind...):

The first of the peonies, an unknown single, with Dutch iris (above).

Sometimes, foliage is every bit as beautiful as flowers (above) emerging Japanese Maple (one of the Full Moon ones...I'll have to check my tags (no label!) for the exact name)...

A very appropriate three blooms on some Wake Robin Trilliums (above).

Freckles viola taking the 'be fruitful and multiply' thing seriously (above). I've decided this is a good thing...a cute viola covering the ground is better than troublesome weeds.

I'll end for now with Dogwood blooms...what's not to like?


Ki said...

Lovely photos despite the color dissonance in the first photo :)

You are quite ahead of us in bloom time. Our trilliums are just getting started and our neigbor's deciduous peonies are just green mounds yet.

Full moon maples are just gorgeous aren't they? Unfortunately the deer seem to love to graze on the tender shoots. They almost killed the little tree I bought as a 1 year old graft. All the other Japanese maples I bought at the same time are at least 4x the size of the full moon which was further set back last winter when the deer clipped off almost all the growth. Surprisingly it did sprout new leaves which I'm diligently spraying with a hot pepper spray!

Hey it must be almost daylily time!

A wildlife gardener said...

The kousa blooms are wonderful...and I like the trilliums too :)

Charlene said...

Re: orange and pink -- I have often plunked things down next to each other in the ground and said aloud, "May you two never bloom at the same time". Unfortunately, it has happened. Probably, your maple is the Acer Shirasawanum "Autumn Moon" the "Golden Full Moon" (A.S. "Aureum") is usually a lot more of a lime green. I am enfatuated with the Aureum. And just about all things with lime green foliage.

By the way, I found your blog while doing a search for Clematis "Asao" and that fabulous picture came up. I have one and it's just now in bud but the poor thing in stuck in a shady spot and the growth is so short and the blooms will probably be dark. Your picture has inspired me to move it into a large container (no more sunny spots left to fit another clem) and put it in a sunny spot on some gravel.


joey said...

Delighted to see 'bits & pieces' of your spring garden. I do believe foliage is every bit as beautiful as flowers and the longer I garden the more I believe this is so.

kate smudges said...

Oh I like the Japanese Maple foliage. It's just gorgeous. The Wike Robin Trilliums are a treat to see as are the Dogwood blooms. I wonder why the Dogwoods here have such small blooms.

I so agree with the 'Freckles' viola keeping the weeds at bay. Yes!!

Elra said...

Hi from CA, peoni...
It is a bit challenging to grow here in CA. I manage to to grow them in my garden, but doesn't really growing as well as it suppose to. Love Japanese maple too.

Marc said...

The photos look great! I know what you mean about being behind. I am behind in blogging, in weeding, in planting the veggies, and in commenting on some of my favorite blogs. (I am taking care of that last one a little bit right now)

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your garden. Any heirloom tomatoes with the flowers this year? :)

Christine said...

I love the japanese iris and peony together. And I also like the pink and orange together- but i like bright colors in the garden as well as the pastels.

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