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Sunday, April 27, 2008

What Not To Do: Pink and Orange

The problem is not with your computer. Do not adjust your monitor. Yes, you're not imagining it (although you might wish you were). Feel like covering your eyes, do you?

That's PINK and ORANGE. Right there. Together. I know Nature throws some wild combinations together, but that's Nature....and she clearly knows what she's doing. Nature is not responsible for this...ahem...combination. I must bear that shame. In my defense, the azalea was labeled as being pink (not orange!)...but, alas, I did not take my own advice (some years ago) and buy in bloom. I actually trusted the tag. Silly me. And, here we are, all these years later.

From another perspective, just in case the first wasn't enough:

Each has redeeming qualities. I mean, who doesn't like a pink dogwood? The azalea is fragrant which is a big plus in my garden. Occasionally, they actually manage to not bloom at the same time...occasionally. Not this year. Sigh.

This azalea is blooming in the probably would have been a better choice...a few years ago.

Or better yet, my "white" lights azaleas which are really pink....oh's spring!

....and there's so much to see and enjoy, what's a little pink and orange??


Amy said...

The funny thing about this is that I actually like it! Then again, this is an old monitor with a spot where my children put a magnet on the screen...

Ki said...

Beautiful mountain azaleas but you're right about the color clash! I'm guilty as charged too as I've committed that faux pas many times ;)

Layanee said...

I've seen many worse combinations and I kind of like that one! Unexpected is sometimes cause for pause!

kate smudges said...

GG, I think the combination looks good ... but then, I love unusual colour combinations. It is frustrating, as you wrote about recently, when plants are mis-labeled. I bought a willow that tunred out to be a Turkestan Burning bush. That was fine with me though, but tulips, I simply have given up on.

EAL said...

I had a pink/orange tulip combo this year (just about 15 in a container), and it did NOT look right. No.

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