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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mary Washington House Spring 2008

Today I made it to the Mary Washington House garden. My first visit of the season! Everyone was hard at work when I arrived and it was just great to see our group. There have been some changes since we (you and I) last took a look here.

For starters, a new fence is up thanks to some intrepid Boy Scouts. It looks most lovely behind all these yellow tulips, doesn't it?


Those Boy Scouts hand cut each piece of wood which is really in the spirit of the time.

Last year, I missed the blooming of the tree peony. I am determined to see it this year.

This is a rescue by H the Horticulturist and some of the garden gang. It's doing amazingly; one would never know it was moved (I told you they are a talented bunch).

These black tulips against the white wall are pretty stunning.


The redbud is striking as well:

You may remember the native columbine (some of these reside in my garden thanks to the MWH garden) from before. Look where this one has placed itself:

As we head out, it's hard not to notice the lilacs in bloom:

This was just a little taste of spring today. It will be a different garden when next we visit.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

How nice to see pics of MWH once again on your blog. The new fence looks great! Love those black tulips, do you know which variety it is?

Have a lovely weekend GG!

Jane Marie said...

What a lovely place this must be. I hope someday to visit.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Wow... that tree peony is going to be yellow? I hope you see it--and post photos--this year. I bet it will be lovely.

(Note to self: Need white fence to show off black tulips in the future.)

kate smudges said...

I wonder how long it took the Scouts to cut all those fence pickets. They did an incredible job - they look perfect. The fence is a perfect backdrop to the dark tulips. I hope you are able to catch the tree peony in bloom.

Hootin' Anni said...

LOVE the black tulips!!! [I know this isn't your Green thumb Sunday, but I had to leave a comment....I hope you can drop by to view my GTS, it's my first ever]

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