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Monday, July 28, 2008

Daylilies...Less, But Still Blooming...July 28, 2008

Still a pleasure to go out each day and see what's blooming. In some respects, with peak bloom over, it makes it easier to concentrate on those that are blooming. Let's take a look:






We've had some rain for which I'm always grateful (drought! water restrictions! increased water prices!). It has presented me with some challenges. I have some terrible erosion problems. Hindsight, before I took to planting everywhere, I should have noted these water problems (runoff from slopes, neighbors, etc.) and installed some sort of system (underground) to redirect the water. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Too late now, as everywhere is so planted, so I'm working on ways to slow the water down (because it is going to come). Some efforts have not been as effective as others as with a heavy rain, the water rushes through quite powerfully as evidenced below. I am not giving up! I have more plans!


New this year, but very impressive ROYAL SPECKLES:

The delightfully entertaining SPIRIT OF SAPELO:


A poly bloom on POLAR BEAR EXPRESS:

Isn't this cute? They are more like short lived perennials here. I let them seed about. Haven't seen any of the lavender ones, unfortunately. Candy Lily (not a lily):

A favorite for a long time (has survived several of my cut backs) is CHINA BRIDE:

One of the last blooms on PEGGY JEFFCOAT:

Sent as a bonus this year, ETTA HART has proved to be a very nice flower:



Not such a great picture, but interesting to compare how different reds can be ROCKET BLAST (left) and FORSYTH WHITE BUDS (I'll have better pictures of each of these later):


MARY FRANCES RAGAIN, liking these very flat open blooms...she's earned her spot:

A bus plant from last year's regional, JANET BENZ:

I showed a multiple of EDGE OF HEAVEN before; it's nice to see it close up:

Probably the last bloom on this's large, opens well and has a great name, i.e., JUMP FOR JOY:

A few multiples, starting with LATER ALLIGATOR (as the name implies, a late one):



Well, that would be a good one to end on...but who likes endings anyway? Here's a seedling, 8-132, that has put up a rebloom scape (the only one of my do so):

I enjoy being outside in the garden with my pets. Here's Riley, my faithful companion for almost 11 years. She's getting up there (aren't we all)....her heart and desire sometimes are greater than her abilities of, every moment out with her is a pleasure. She has such personality. She's my 'talker' dog or as I sometimes tease her and call her the Town she keeps me informed of all activity around us. She prefers to plop in the shade these days. This picture is one of a series that I took that amused me with her changing expressions. Never fear, though, if she thought I was in danger, I have no doubt she'd be there.

Speaking of being outside, we need to get back out and finish digging up the last of the iris. I'm not saving any...which I would never have believed. They have been beautiful, but it's time to make a clean break (except for a few minis....and a couple that I think are still over in one of the erosion areas...I'll decide about them when I get there). It looks like I'll have four brown bags full for a couple neighbors to adopt. There's some really pretty ones in there...I hope they do well for them. You can guess what's going in that space....daylilies seedlings!


Kylee said...

Oh my goodness, what pretty daylilies! Eternal Warrior, Flight of Orchids, and Licorice Candy are my favorites!

Titania said...

I have just hopped (Australia) over from Kanaks blog. I have admired your great selection of daylilies. I am actually never able to pinpoint a favourite, they are all so gorgous. I admired the Spiders, great with there spiral petals.) What would a garden be without our faithful companions?
Have a nice weekend.

Casie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Where can I get some of those daylilies? Especially the Ruth Whitten one?


Jane Marie said...

I loved walking in your garden. It's always amazing to me that another daylily lover can have such totally different plants. They were all beautiful, I wouldn't be able to chose my favorite.
It's funny that you are getting rid of your irises. I, too am parting with mine or moving them somewhere, I'm not sure. I keep wanting more space for my daylilies and I really never like the iris after it was done blooming. It's too much work, cutting it back. I guess we're thinking along the same lines.

kate smudges said...

Oh Katie, I think I'm in daylily heaven looking at all of your daylily photographs! Now I've become completely enamoured with them - I love them all. There isn't a one that I wouldn't immediately adopt as a special favourite. I would be out in the garden staring at them all day long.

Now that's a good plan - make way for more daylilies!!

joey said...

Horray for your beautiful parade of 'still blooming' daylilies ... I'm most impressed!

Terra Hangen said...

That was an incredible journey through a parade of your vibrant day lilies.

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