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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seedlings: Purple Corn Dancer x North Wind Dancer

As I mention in my title, these seedlings are from Purple Corn Dancer (pod parent) x North Wind Dancer (pollen parent). I must admit, they have a slightly more special place with me. I purchased the seeds from another daylily enthusiast on the Lily Auction in the fall of 2005. This person (whom I never met...but did exchange a few emails with her relative to the sale) was a regular contributor on Tinkers (garden forums) and much beloved by those who knew her. So, they seem a bit more special, like a tiny bit of someone who is no longer here (but whom I hope is looking out on them from above).

They've taken their own sweet time in blooming...this is their third year (one would hope they would bloom by their second year; however, there are many contributing factors including how much care they receive, what conditions they're grown under and various other things)...and out of ten seedlings, I am seeing blooms from far (although I don't see any other scapes). This is their first year for blooms, so they are probably not yet what they will be (next year, one hopes).

You can see pictures of Purple Corn Dancer (the momma, so to say, as the pod parent) on Tinkers. Just go to the database and type in the name. I don't own Purple Corn Dancer or I'd show you my own picture. North Wind Dancer can be found by scrolling down the side of my blog to a new section entitled Some of My Favorite Daylilies...and there, the only one (more will be coming, never fear) is a picture of North Wind Dancer in my garden. Oh yes, you can also go to the database on the American Hemerocallis Society site here. Please note that there aren't too many pictures there of yet, but more are being added all the time.

The parents are both lates (dayliles bloom early, mid, and late...with some overlap, so you can have an EM or Early-Mid or ML, that is, Mid-Late) and the babies are blooming right along with papa, North Wind Dancer. At first glance, these (to me) really favor mama, Purple Corn Dancer, but we'll see what time brings.

So, may I present (there are more than one picture of some; please note that any reddish tint is not accurate but a camera operator issue...ahem...they are in the purple color range):







Should one pan out and be special enough to register, I am already thinking of names that might somehow recognize the person I bought the seeds from. I just think that would be a nice thing to do. There is no requirement to do so. A seedling's registration rights lie entirely with the owner at first bloom.

So there you have it. The seedlings (except for this cross above) are mostly done. I can count a half dozen or so left with buds. There's one that has put up a rebloom scape which is pretty exciting. Today's first bloom on the rebloom scape was really splotchy, so we'll hope for a later better bloom to show.

I've identified quite a few that I will want to watch next year. I'm busy planning how I will move daylilies around to accommodate this year's crop (as well as some from last year that are still in planting boxes). I'm working toward...eventually....having the daylilies in my front yard be other people's registrations that I enjoy (which will really limit what I can wise)....and having my backyard...eventually....just be devoted to seedlings. That's quite a ways off and involves moving hundreds and hundreds of daylilies.

For the third year, I will move out daylilies (mostly for space reasons but also, this year, because of increasing shade) in an attempt to allow the ones I choose to keep more space. There's the matter of all the new acquisitions as well....such fun!

The lates have started blooming, but there are still a few that have yet to start. Sandra Elizabeth is one that many use to mark the beginning of the end of daylily bloom...and she hasn't started yet, but is loaded up with buds. I've tried to add lates in recent years, so we'll see how successful I've been.

Gotta run....

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gorgeous daylilies

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