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Monday, January 19, 2009

It's That Time Again....

....for starting daylily seeds! I've just begun to start some of the 145 crosses (plus some left from last year) that are listed on my spreadsheet. Some are my own, some are ones I've bought. This year, though, I have had a few things occur that I haven't previously...or nearly as much....and thought it a perfect opportunity to play with the macro lens.

For the first time in four years, I have found seeds sprouting in the refrigerator:

The good news is that I found them...and those with green showing will probably be okay. Those that are turning brown...well, we'll cross our fingers for them. All are planted.

Bad news is when you find this:

Two of the three seeds in this cross are moldy...right in the baggie. The third one got planted but it was a bit more squishy than I feel comfortable with....more fingers crossed.

The seeds below might look okay, but they are all rotten. Nothing inside...very disappointing...

Surprisingly, I seldom have a problem with moldy or rotten seeds. This year, I ventured out to try a variety of sellers...and well, let's say some were more successful than others. Actually though, I have a less than 10% rotten-moldy-bad rate, so that's pretty good.

I think it has do with how the seeds are handled...and everyone does it differently. Since I have so many of my own (daylilies), I'll probably be buying less and less (seeds, that is) as the years go by. Of course, I say that each year....even though I own so many (some 750...which I am planning to always), I simply can't come close to having all I want! Lol! So, I buy seeds to have a chance to use those genetics.

Nothing beats going out to see brand new flowers that no one (because they are genetically unique) has seen before...what a thrill! Of course, some are more...thrilling...than others (ha).

I think of those future surprises (at least two years away...but, hey, once you get going, there are new ones every year!) I begin planting these seeds:

Well, I can see (and you can, too) that I have much to learn about this lens. It's a Canon EF 100mm macro....I'll keep practicing...


Gail said...

Wonderful...I am going to have to look for their seeds next fall..I just got a new camera nd have a huge learning I have to get a macro lens! gail.gail

shirl said...

Hi there, great stuff! I've never grown seeds with quite the same care. I have never used the refrigerator - yet ;-)

It's no wonder that you have the collection that you do. Oh... but I can understand the thrill you must get as your new plants grow and flower. Well done you :-D

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Nice post. Hope all your refrigerator-sprouted seeds grow into lovely plants! You must be an expert at growing daylilies. I've been trying to get my daylilies to flower for several years now ...the plants grow so lush and green. But no flowers at all! Have you any advice?

Chandramouli S said...

Great! Like you said, you can never promise that you wouldn't buy more seeds or plants, as that'd never be possible.
BTW, you got any idea as to how to germinate rain lily? I got seeds from last year and wanna try them.

Linda Lunda said...

I love Hemerocallis!!
I would like to link to you... is that ok?

Jan (ThanksFor2Day) said...

Now I have a slightly better idea about your daylily love-affair. I had asked you if you grow them (in a further post...I'm going backwards:) but I would have NO idea that you grow over 750 of them...that's more than I can envision:-0

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