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Thursday, January 01, 2009


While rummaging around, I found evidence that all five snowdrops (special snowdrops, ordered in the green last year) are stirring and will make appearances this year. I take this as a good sign for the new year. I had my doubts as all but one promptly died back after their immediate planting last year.

Snowdrops in the green are very hard to find here, unlike in Great Britain (or so I gather). We are fortunate to have one very good source, Temple Nursery. The varieties available through Temple Nursery are collectors' snowdrops, for the most part, so do not shop there expecting bargain prices. They are in limited supply as well.

(This is what some of those in-the-green arrivals look like. Those are my 2007 moderate-trying-them-out choices. I became more adventuresome in 2008.)

It began as a quest for some giant snowdrops that I saw in Bartholdi Park one year. I know I took a picture of said giant snowdrops, but where that image is...I have no idea. As far as I know, I still haven't located those giant snowdrops for my garden, but I continue to keep my ear and eye out.

While searching for the elusive giant snowdrops picture, I noticed that I had snowdrops blooming as early as Nov and as late as March. Not so in 2008, at least for those winter ones. Snowdrops are coming up, but I've yet to find the first bloom.

In the category of If-I-Could-Do-Whatever-I-Want, I think I'd enjoy visiting Scotland for their Snowdrop Festival. I ran across this last year and the listing seemed much larger, but perhaps the link I have isn't the main one. It's so hard to leave your own garden when it is going gangbusters, but snowdrops have their glory when much else is still resting.

Having said that, I see some of the Hellebores here are getting going...making me wish I had already trimmed their old foliage off.

I'm not much on resolutions per se, but I am going to try to catch up this winter on all the gardens I meant to blog about as well as finish some I have started. (good intentions...)

May all your snowdrops bloom beautifully this year...


Grumpy Gardener said...

I've never had much luck with snowdrops down here in Alabama. Galanthus elwesii came back for a couple of years, but eventually pooped out. Snowflakes (Leucojum), on the other hand, do great. You think Galanthus need a longer winter?

MNGarden said...

Since you said snowdrops, I remembered a gardening friend sent me a few bulbs, but i forgot where I planted them. I'm hoping to find a surprise in the garden now.

Chandramouli S said...

Goodluck with the snowdrops and Happy New Year!

shirl said...

Hi again Catherine :-)

Just popped by to wish you “All the best” for the New Year to discover I can bring you a gift at the same time!

As you know I am from Scotland, I’ll take a guess you may have missed my posting last February – enjoy :-D

Sue said...

I am so ready for spring! I hope your flowers grow well. I don't know how to grow those. The bulbs I plant don't have green on them.

Do you also participate in the cottage garden forum on i village?

I am lvtgrdn there.

Happy New Year,

IBOY said...

I've been picking up a few snowdrops every spring for several years from Temple, and every one so far has returned (and our winters are WAY worse than yours).

kate smudges said...

I'm totally envious - you've got green there! Here we're buried in snow and more snow and brutal temperatures.

It will be wonderful seeing photos of your snowdrops in bloom.

Happy New Year!!

Gotta Garden said...

Hello GG...Perhaps you are right. Temple Nursery is in upstate New York. A much shorter growing season, cooler summers, much more harsh winter,etc. I have read that Winterthur (I'm going to get there, one of these days) has quite a snowdrop show...and that's Delaware. I think you must be on the right track there. I have not had great success, by the way, but I keep trying. I hope I will actually have clumps of them...someday.

I'm thinking with Snowflakes that moisture (at least here) might be key. The bulbs that I have in a more damp area seem much happier than those in dryer spots, although they grow, too. Do you find that? I don't know, though...we've had such water issues, they might just appreciate water...period.

You know, I can't help but mention....your state boasts some great daylily folks! You have the legendary Larry Grace, back in business now. And, my son is a UA graduate, so Roll Tide!

Oh, MNGarden....Yes! I hope you do find them...and they are such a welcome surprise...taking winter weather in stride.

Thank you, Chandramouli S.

Hi nice to see you! I clearly have not gotten around like I should! As soon as I am done here, I am going to take a look. Lucky you!

Hello Sue, I've not actually made it to I Village gardening...something for me to check out. Thanks for telling me.
Yeah, I've only bought them like that from Temple Nursery...and I do think it is better.

Well, Don, that's great news! I do think I want to add a few more this year. I can't remember if he will send me a catalog or I need to write for one! Thanks for the encouragement!

Kate! I'm so pleased to see you! I will email you because I have (as usual) much to say! Thanks!

Thank you all for stopping's so nice to hear from you....and a most happy and prosperous 2009 to you all!

Anonymous said...

I have a nursery called Carolyn's Shade Gardens in Bryn Mawr, PA, and I sell snowdrops in the green, but I don't ship. My customers preorder in February and come pick the plants up here. As with everything there are differing opinions, but I believe that snowdrop bulbs dry out quickly and that is why gardeners have trouble with them. Snowdrops are actually really easy to grow, but if the bulb is dessicated when you receive it from the bulb company in the fall, you won't be successful. Even if the bulb comes up the next year, it will be weak. Hence, the reason for selling them in the green. If you are outside the mid-Atlantic (and can't come to my nursery), I recommend snowdrops from Brent and Beck's Bulbs. They ship their snowdrop bulbs a month early to lessen the chances of them drying out. Hope that helps.

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