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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Looking Back at April 1st, 2008

While looking for a picture of a heuchera I want to blog about, I realized that I can't keep putting off organizing all the zillions of pictures I have. The last two years are in particular disorder...often I open a file and find the latest picture is from 2006. I have a pretty good system, I just don't often find time to use it (and several external hard drives). For grins, I picked a day...April 1, 2008 (no foolin', ha)...and organized those pictures.

Here's the best for that daylilies, of course.....April is daffodil time here. This year, I'll be looking forward to seeing what that macro lens will do...and maybe even try out the zoom. These pictures are from before my camera upgrade in May....when I didn't have to worry about lenses....



(Roseworthy fades into a pinkish color) PINK PARASOL:

MOUNT HOOD (you might remember that this was one of the varieties I dug up last fall):


(Flower Record also got dug up....we'll see how the bulbs respond to having more room and less competition) CAMPERNELLE (you can find this old fashioned historic daffodil at Old House Gardens):




Annoying (when will I learn??...maybe this year (ha)...only buy from very reputable dealers/growers...repeat after me) this is NOT Curly:

More NOT Curly....pretty daffodil, though...whatever it might be:

I did show this one, I think on March 31st of last year...because I was so excited....I still am...can't wait to see it this year (fingers crossed) seedling....nature planned and planted:

A few other things did catch my camera eye. These tulips have been so reliable and faithful for me. I hope they are this year (2009) as well....I'm a bit concerned as there was a lot of activity where they reside....we'll see....PINNOCHIO:

I think this variety was new last year....we'll see about this year...SWEETHEART:

Finally, here's a picture of Brunnera Hadspen Cream...I've noticed that it has spread out quite a bit, so hopefully an even better show this year. It tends to send out solid green leaves on occasion (which I faithfully remove)....and in the heat of summer (like some variegated plants) may have green leaves (I hope that's the case and that the solid green hasn't taken over...we'll see this year).....I've put in another variegated Brunnera on the other side (under the Saucer Magnolia...I've given up on the thymes filing that area....except for one...)

In looking back, I found that it appears I didn't post very much, if anything, about my daffodils past the end of March last year. In fact, I found a number of drafts on all kinds of stuff...several of which may make the light of day this winter...stay tuned...


Chandramouli S said...

How wonderful your blooms looked! Cool! Even without any macro lens, their smile is charming!

best online casinos said...

Great shots! How I love the flowers..:)


So pretty...I can hardly wait for Spring!!!

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Chandramouli...thanks!

Well,, too...thank you!

Sigh...AGAHG...I know...once we get through Feb...we'll be on the downhill stretch!

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