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Saturday, February 14, 2009

2009 Season of Blooms...First Crocus

First crocus bloom! This is early for here...looking back, it looks like early March is the usual time frame. Must be this spring-like weather we've had.

Usually my Cream Beauty crocus are first but, alas, when the Redspire Pear was removed so were they. I did get some more and I see they are coming up (the ones that the cats have allowed...since they like to roll around where they are planted).

Geez...wouldn't you think, given the day, that it would have been a white one or even a purple one...but no. Blooms are pretty spare right now, so I'm not truly complaining. I was obviously thrilled to see it...and now you get to also.

Also in bloom is the (are the) sweet box. Sweet....(I couldn't resist) really is.

Hmmm, I think I'll try to cut a branch and bring it in. I'll be interesting to see how fragrant it is inside.

I'm beginning to really think the 2009 Season of Blooms is starting...


A Girl & Her Garden said...

How sweet. I just love crocuses they are so delicate and lovely. I'm jealous yours are in bloom - ours are just starting to peek out of the ground. Spring is in the air!!

Tom said...

I have a couple of those blooms in my garden right now too. I wasn't sure they were crocus. Thanks for the photo. Tiny plants, but those blooms can be seen across the yard. Such a vivid color.

Colleen Wms said...

Hooray for crocus!
I finally have some purple and white blooming as well as the yellow.

Rosemary said...

It is always so exciting to see the first crocus flowering.
Spring is a wonderful season.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi A Girl...It is! I just hope we're not in for some brutal winter weather just when everything gets going. Still...gotta just go with it!

Hey Tom...That's terrific! Yeah, they are pretty small...I guess that's why they get out there early...we'd never see them later when everything goes crazy!

Ah, Colleen...purple and white! I look forward to some of those here...not yet for me, though.

So true, seems we pay much closer attention when there's less to look at! Maybe, too, because we feel so deprived...and their arrival heralds the start of good things! I do love Spring also!

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