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Monday, February 16, 2009

Camera Fun

Yesterday I'm out and about walking around the garden a bit...realizing how every year I forget...and then re-find...the wonder of it. There's nothing like strolling your beds for clearing your mind, refreshing your spirit and reminding you of the renewal that always comes...the cycle of things.

Having not really done this since sometime last fall...and certainly not then with the same attitude of hope...I greeted the return of old plant friends, looked to see how newer plants were (or if) making it through the winter....and it occurred to me: Where are the larkspur seedlings? I mean, early spring (sometimes even in the fall) is when I begin to see them...and they are a major reason why I don't use a pre-emergent for weeds...I couldn't bear not to have them pop up here and there...even if it means other things (like evil chickweed) are also popping up.


....ahem....let's just rocket that zoom in...

Why, there they are! Some tulips are also awakening here. Okay, you caught me....I can't resist...isn't this lens fun?....Standing in the same spot we go from 70mm to 300mm....whoohoo. Let's play some more.

Look closely in this picture (I'm standing on my front steps)...see that bit of white under the branches of the Japanese maple?

(Never mind all those hellebore leaves for the moment). Zooming in...

....why it's a white Roman hyacinth! (Excuse that fuzziness....I'm just learning here...that's the Japanese maple branches...)

I can hardly wait to visit some gardens with this lens! No more missed tags! Or blurry tags (one hopes) because with that zoom, I can see in the window if they are not readable. Yippee! Before I take it on the National Convention tours, I'll practice (never fear). I can see the benefits already of being able to get that flower that either people or circumstances prevent me from getting close enough to.

I did learn, however, that it will not take a picture up close (use the zoom, duh) the macro...I begin to understand why different lenses are necessary. I'm hoping to use the macro, for instance, to capture detail(s) that will enable me (again, I hope) to work on my drawing. I'm so excited!

Here's a rosebud from the Valentine arrangement that I took from the same spot as I shot the whole arrangement yesterday...

And, here's where I realized the lens would not allow me to stand so close (the area is small)...I could only use the 70mm on these seedlings....I thought you might like to see that the albino seedling is still around...

If I remember (or get back there), I noticed a witch hazel in full bloom (without those hanging leaves, no less...hmmm, I should get a picture) the backyard. That's a lesson in planting as I put it in an area that...otherwise...looks pretty shabby and bare right now. It will be a trick to photograph it without showing you things I'd rather not!


Kerri said...

It's such fun to play with a new lens, isn't it? So much to learn! My hubby surprised with the my zoom lens last spring.
I must go out and look for larkspur seedlings and other signs of spring. We can see some bare ground here too for the first time in months. It's a spirit lifter :)

Chandramouli S said...

Wow those tiny blooms must have been a great delight to discover! What wonders technology has introduced to! Great pic of the rosebud.

joey said...

Aw ... the small pleasures of life :)

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

You are doing great w/your photos...but I know EXACTLY what you mean about lenses. I am still learning and really just need to read a little and then practice some more. Luckily, with spring coming up, there will be more and more colors (and blooms) in the garden to practice on!!!

lynn'sgarden said...

Lucky you, all those larkspur babies..such a pretty flower! Mine pretty much disappeared last year, don't know why..Btw, your Valentine Bouquet is beautiful. I love those orchids.

Sue said...

I love my larkspur babies, too.

My new camera has an awesome zoom. I hope it takes OK close ups, as I got one that does not have a changeable lens.

Your pics are great!

Shady Gardener said...

I was tempted to take photos of weeds today, too! ;-) I even spotted a dandelion! hmmmph.

Gotta Garden said...

I hope you found some, Kerri! That was so sweet...and thoughtful...of your hubby. Today the weather is back to winter here...looks like I'll be staying inside...oh well, there are lots of pictures to sort!

Thanks, Chandramouli...I can't wait until there are daily discoveries!

Yeah, Joey! True!

Hi Jan...yep, I'm sure we'll be able to get in more! I just want to be comfortable now with it...I'm impatient.

Hello know, my larkspur goes away in the heat of summer. I'm thankful it for the seeds it produces far...have continued on.

Thanks...I thought so, too!

Sue, I still love my Canon A620 and think it is hard to beat the ease and convenience of the zoom on it. I'm sure yours will be terrific...and you will love using it!

Shady Gardener, I'm looking at dandelions in a new light. Seriously. Maybe we should try that recipe for stir frying the roots! Hehe. Mine choose to grow in very inconvenient spots, however. One favorite place (of their choosing) is my ditch out front. Since the neighborhood dogs (don't start me on this) also like it, I don't think I'll be harvesting those! Yuck!

Thanks was nice to hear from you!

AliceAnderson said...

Great tour. :) I need to post pics from my own garden. Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow. Must stop procrastinating on that front.

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