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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Usually by now, green sprouts are popping up and I am eagerly and excitedly watching them. Usually. This year, I'm a bit behind...

The daylily seeds still sit in their baggies awaiting my attention. I suspect this is partly because I had so many seedlings last year that I still haven't found places for them...It may be that a natural selection of sorts is occurring with me and the seeds/seedlings.

You hear in daylily circles that one must have goals for hybridizing, one must choose a direction or two to focus on, etc. I certainly heard all those things. However, I somehow thought it wouldn't apply to me...even though I have far less land to plant in than most of those giving the advice. Hmph.

However, with boxes of seedlings sitting out front (hopefully to freeze the rust out of them...and not freeze the seedlings...a delicate balance), boxes of seedlings still in the garage (and still harboring rust), and seedlings...unbelievably...still under lights inside from last year (I do have plans for them)....I sense a certain lack of enthusiasm for starting new seeds.

That is, until I actually start looking at the seeds and get excited about the possibilities. Which brings me full circle. There are so many seeds in those baggies...I even sorted them into spiders/ufos and full forms....each of those contain enough seeds to overwhelm me...let alone both. Ha. What to focus on? How to choose? I want it all....and the land and helpers to take care of it all. Double ha.

At the current time, I have two shelves available for seedlings (not my usual three). A finite space. Decisions, decisions. Which reminds me, I think the promix in the garage is down to the bottom of the bag. Okay, I can put the decision(s) off for a bit...because of the need for promix and the further need to empty the back of the truck of the bags of planting mix, etc. that are still in there...before I can get the promix...

Update: Did I tell you (I think not) that the motor home sized pile of mulch is gone?? Yes, I actually did move/use part of it...but the rest was just sitting there in a mini-mountain. Along comes a driveway re-surfacer who shrewdly agrees to remove said mulch to resurface the driveway. Hooray! Well, mini-hooray as now I am having difficulty tracking down said driveway re-surfacer to come and fix the crack that has popped out in his work.....

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Shady Gardener said...

I'm thinking that it might be fun to have a row of daylilies along the west side of the yard.... if you Really are having troubles working with your seedlings... I'd volunteer to help you out! ;-)

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