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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tree Ornaments Part 2

You may remember last year when I posted about my...uhmm....tree ornaments....? I thought I'd update you....

Yes, indeed, one year later, it is still here...admittedly, more ragged and less of it, but nonetheless, still clinging. The good news is that this will definitely be its last winter here as I am going to have the tree taken out (not because of the bag!) well as two or three others. Here's hoping there will not be a Part 3 of Tree Ornaments...

While walking around looking for things photo worthy, I remembered that the Pink Dawn Viburnum tends to bloom about now...and sure enough, it has buds all over...and would you believe...this?

I must say, this caused me to take a second look. It's a ribbon, a cloth one, with a bow and everything. All I could think of was that it must have blown out of someone's Christmas trash...but does this mean I haven't been over here to look since then?? I guess so...I mean, we had the big snow and it tends to be wet and then icy over here....

It was...almost...attractive. I mean, it's certainly better than the grocery-store-plastic-bag type of ornament, but, really...shouldn't the privilege of left to me?? I guess I expect too much. Luckily, I can easily reach this one and remove it.

Call me a purist, but I like my trees the way nature intended them.


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