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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Good Day....

As I've been going through the pictures from 6/22....I came across this:

At the RADS Daylily Show, I was fortunate to win Best Double...this is my only picture as I managed to delete my show photos...boohoo...This one is at home (yes, that's a dog bone behind the plate....)....

The plate was my award for making it to the head table where my flower competed for Best in Show (it didn't win that). I was pretty excited! That's my first rosette...hopefully, there will be more in the future...they're not easy to get...although I know folks who must have stacks of them...ha.

If you're wondering what won for me, it was a double hybridized by Tim Herrington called Cherry Smash Cupcake....

The above picture was taken in my garden on June 23rd. You can see it was a blooming machine! For the show, I picked a scape that still had lots of buds yet to open and was as near to perfect as I could find. I got lucky!


~the girl said...

Congrats on the rosette! There are many more in your future...Im sure!
Don't you already miss the daylilies? I know I do!
I love your posts!

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Daylilies said...

Way to go on your win. Love the plate. Cherry Smash Cupcake really has nice bud count. It's a keeper.

Anonymous said...

I love your site and your statement about not being addicted to daylilies! So true!

Nancy the lilyfan

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