Gotta Garden

Sunday, March 05, 2006


It's in the air. It's all around. Even Leo aka Garden Cat feels it. He met me as I rounded the corner, running out from one of his favorite spots. I've given up on planting anything there. The sprouting tulips, few white crocus and dianthus only go half way around the dogwood tree. The other half of that circle belongs to Leo. As he rubbed against my leg, I knew he was telling me that The Season is upon us.

Anticipation. Like Carly Simon's old song which kept humming around in my head, the garden has an aura of any day now, but has been making me wait. It's time to start the daily rounds (daily? Who am I least twice daily, depending on my work schedule). Things are moving along and changing right before me.

So, as I walked with Leo, I was filled with it. Anticipation. I checked the peonies. We're up to three arising now, none of which has a peony ring. Note to myself to acquire them as I found last year that the ones I already have (five...note that none of those are up) out really helped corral and support the peonies.

I paused for a moment and looked back and down. Just checking around the Saucer Magnolia to see what bulbs are emerging. And there it was, the image you see above (sorry, still learning about photos and placement is apparently difficult for me): First Daffodil of The Season!! Note the date, March 5, officially begins! Whether the calendar says it or not, for me, spring has sprung!

From here on out, I anticipate something new to see everyday! Now, I really think I just...gotta garden!


I have some other photos to share, but am having difficulty placing them. So, I'll try some individual posts.

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