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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hellebores Pine Knot Strain

In late January, I was fortunate to attend a couple of presentations by Dick and Judith Tyler of Pine Knot Farms at Lewis Ginter. If you have a chance to go hear them and you love hellebores, make haste and go! Their talks were interesting, informative and full of wonderful pictures. They didn't, however, bring any hellebores with them to their talks, doggone it. Arriving early does have some benefit as I was able to sit right on the front row and was able to ask them (before their lectures started) if, by chance, they did have some with them (I didn't see any) and learned they had delivered some the night before to a local nursery in Richmond.

As soon as their talks were over (they were generous with their time, 2.5 hours of good information), I drove over to that nursery to have a look. The hellebore above came home with me and is one of the famous Pine Knot Strain. I think it's lovely.

Just fyi, the white powder is....(you guessed, right?)...Mr. Fox/Bobcat.

Judith Tyler has co-written a book on hellebores with Cole Burrell entitled Hellebores: A Comprehensive Guide which is due out in April, I believe. I have it on order and will certainly gab about it when it arrives.

Still have some pictures, but think this is enough for tonight. Whew. All of the pictures (above and below) were taken today, 03/05/06.

Well, I'm off to the dining room. Transplanted a number of the daylily babies into larger pots this morning. Must check on them! Because......(let's hear it)....I gotta garden!


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