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Friday, March 17, 2006

Just Say....Yes

It's impossible to just say no. They practically wave their new growth at me, fresh and lush, as I walk by. That blossom doesn't just attract the bees or other pollinators, but me. I stop, touch, and find myself stroking the leaves. Three new hellebores in bloom found their way into my cart. I had to use supreme will power to move along. After all, there were other things to visit. I mean see. Pausing over the Stepables, I chose some golden oregano to use in a difficult area between some stepping stones in full sun. Some Corsican mint might just be the ticket in shady spot where nothing grows (at the moment) and I use as a cut through.

I digress for a moment to say that some of the Stepables might be problematic for some. Be aware!

It was cold and windy outside. So windy, in fact, that I had to retain one hand on my cart at all times. I navigated around the few others out, mostly nursery employees. I share a nod with a fellow gardener. We're easy to spot out here.

I succumbed to the lure of a double white primrose. Maybe, just maybe it will persevere in my garden. Most primroses don't but I have managed to keep (just) a cowslip for several years now. In fact, I pulled the leaves aside and saw a few tiny sprouts from the cowslip just yesterday. In full bloom, that little cowslip is glorious.

A heuchera, Snow Angel, lured me over. I'm still grieving over one, a variety I hauled back from Washington State that didn't make it. Though this one isn't the same, I do love variegated foliage (who doesn't) and it will be nice addition to the little collection I seem to have going. I'm pretty sure I have Snow Angel already (Is it time to carry a list??), but not as beautiful a specimen as this one.

Another garden shopping trip ends successfully. But, no, there's more! There's a new tool to add, a lawndog sign (useful), seeds and even a variety of an oriental lily I don't have. This all catches my eye while on the way to the checkout.

Waiting in line, I overhear a magic conversation. "What are you buying with your master gardener discount?" I hear a helpful salesperson saying to the person ahead of me. Master Gardener discount?? My ears have perked up. Feeling bold, I ask, "Is that discount for all master gardeners?" I should tell you that I live two counties south of this one (nursery shopping knows no bounds). After a consultation, it is determined that the answer is YES. And, a nice discount it is, fifteen percent.

Can you think of a better way to spend a morning, I ask? Plant-wise, of course.

Returning to work, we receive a delivery. This time of year is great as it begins to get busy in the nursery and plants arrive almost daily. This delivery, however, is one that catches my eye. The plants look very healthy and on the top row of one of the carts are...hellebores. I can hardly wait to put them out but make myself put out the blueberries, blue fescue grasses, some heucheras, a fragrant dianthus, etc.

Finally, it's the hellebores turn. I choose an endcap to display them as I cannot imagine people will pass them by. They are a Pine Knot strain, which pleases me. These are healthy gallon size pots in bloom at a bargain price. As I sort through them, I'm already choosing one for myself or maybe two. I'll be off in a few hours and if they're still there, they're mine.

Time passes and I'm off the clock and shopping. At home, the three hellebores still sit waiting for their new spots. Adding two more, I'm thinking will create an impact, especially with the ones already in bloom in my garden.

I had looked at the English roses, David Austin, no less, and there's one I don't have. If I've said one thing about roses, it's that I'm only buying own root roses from now on. Sigh. These look wonderful, perfect foliage. I can already see the one that will be my choice. Standing there, I try to think of every reason I can not to buy it. There's no space readily available and even the Eglantyne I cut back severely is beginning to show life, so it can't have that spot. I've already bought two New Generation roses that I thought would replace a couple grafted roses that don't make the grade. Is there another one I can replace? I give this serious thought. The truth is this is just a delaying tactic because I know that rose is coming home with me. Another resolution out the window. Make that two. Blown is the own roots thing and the I'll-know-where-it's-going-before-I-buy-it one.

And it's early....where will I be by June??

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