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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Before the Snow...

Clematis Armandii...evergreen clematis. I first became aware of this clematis while attending a gardening symposium in South Carolina a few years ago at the Riverbanks Botanical Garden and Zoo. Dr. Alan Armitage was one of the speakers and he had picked a bit and brought it in with him. As soon as he talked about the fragrance, I remembered walking by and wondering what/where it was. After his lecture (which was wonderful, of course), I raced back to that area and now saw it.

Then, I began my quest for one. Hence, the one you see at the left. Let me just say it has endured a lot! First, I decided to leave it in its pot, sort of intentionally/unintentionally. As winter approached that year, I was torn between trying to put it out and bringing it in. Since it might be a bit tender here, I opted to put it in my basement. Mistake! It broke domancy and was growing all around! Then, I left it on my deck, deciding to think about where I would place it....time went by, and I finally got it into the spot you see now. That's Clethra, by the way, showing the spent blooms. Anyway, this past spring arrives and I am thrilled to see it coming along. I make my way to it, thinking I will tie it up or some such, when I hear this....terrible....crack...and I discover (horrors!) I have broken it to the ground.

At some point during the summer, I look down from my deck steps (like the picture above) and see that it has come back! Yes! Now, I'm full of hope again.

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