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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Three fantastic shrubs for fragrance! All are blooming now...or were, we're having snow, the Tea Olive is probably not happy. Anyway, from the top is the Tea Olive, next, is Daphne Odora, and the bottom is Pink Dawn Viburnum in full bloom. If I had to pick a favorite....very hard!


Ki said...

I always wanted to have a daphne but the one I got died so have resisted getting another as it was quiet expensive.I've heard of the tea olive but haven't seen a picture of one so thanks for posting one. I've heard that osmanthus has a great scent too but it seems that all these plants are costly so I'm hesitant about buying any. I'll just enjoy your pictures. We have a viburnum that looks very similar to yours that bloomed in the warm spell but I didn't notice any fragrance. Maybe I'll stick my nose up to the flowers when it blooms again. Enjoy reading your blog.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi ki: Why thanks! Daphnes are a bit picky. I've lost two so far (I have three right now plus one in a pot that may not make it through winter...) and the thing seems to not, do not disturb their roots! Well, now I'll cross my fingers and toes because they don't call it Daphne Death for nothing!

I got my tea olive in SC and the price was not too bad...I'm occasionally a zone pusher. The fragrance is to die for. I also have two other osmanthus...a holly leaf variety that blooms in the fall...some years...that I got at a local grocery store, of all places, and not expensive at all. The other is a beautiful varigated one that is not known for blooms or fragrance.

If your viburnum is fragrant (they all aren't) should be able to notice it, if it has more than a few buds. My most fragrant virburnum is Korean blooms later.

Thanks again for visiting! I do love to yak about plants!

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