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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Garden Trips: Bartholdi Garden and Smithsonian Gardens

After much effort (drum roll), I have finally put together in an online album pictures from last August's visit to Barholdi Garden and the Smithsonian Gardens. This was a MWH Gardeners group trip and it was terrific (scroll down on the previous link)! There was so much to see and learn. I just love garden visits!

Here's a picture to tempt you:

Image Hosting by

My other albums are still a work in progress...most still unorganized photos on my hard drive...but many wonderful things to come, e.g., 06 Chelsea Flower Show, Sissinghurst and even my own flowers ( comparison to the former!.

To see this album, however, click here


sisah said...

Interesting plant, could you tell me the name? I have never seen it before here as a patio plant, very unusual!

Gotta Garden said...

Sure, it's Globba 'Dancing Ladies'. Pretty neat, huh; even the name is nice! Thanks for stopping by!

sisah said...

Thanks,seems to be a kind of ginger plant, very pretty indeed!

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