Gotta Garden

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Today's Finds

Hardy Cyclamen on top. If you look carefully, there are three different ones growing in there. Witch Hazel in the middle. Would be great if it would self clean, wouldn't it? Oh well, considering I bought it as yellow (absolutely!) and fragrant (yes, indeed!)...and it is neither, I go back and forth about whether it can stay. For now, it stays. On the bottom, ever faithful Viburnum Pink Dawn...much earlier in bloom this year than last, but about the same as the year before (gotta love those journals!). Pink Dawn is fragrant, by the way.


Ki said...

Witch hazels can be strange. We have a red one with beautiful fragrance that bloomed yellow very early in the season, I think in Nov. And now it is blooming again and the flowers are red! I've never seen this happen before. Of the three H. x intermedia we have all of them are self cleaning and the flowers can be seen easily. The H. virginiana clings to it's leaves tenaciously even when the new leaf buds are ready to pop. I tried pulling off the old leaves but it took some effort to do, so I just leave it on but it does have the best scent of all.

Gotta Garden said...

Thanks for scoop, ki! That particular one was bought at a plant sale at Lewis Ginter and was an experiment, I think...suspect (it's grafted). You may have a find there, the one with two colors...very wild!

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