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Monday, January 29, 2007

More Gardenias in Snow

I'm doing this in a bit of a hurry...and it does feel rather strange to be looking at snow when it's all sunny outside, albeit cold...these are from last week when we had snow on the 25th (a light snow...but it came down in a hurry...was mostly gone by evening). The top one shows Chuck Hayes in the right corner and the bottom one has the Kleims...which is right in front of the mushrooms with a hellebore behind it...a bit hard to see. Anyway, I think...hope...these are clickable...although, they are not the best of shots. You can tell the gardenias are in a protected area by my front door...especially the Kleims...this faces east and without that protection, not an area I would normally site them in...but, hey, I also wanted to smell them when I came in and out...and what better place than the front door?!

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