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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hungry?? Here's What I'm Serving.....

....for seedlings:

Not really, of course. My DH will have a fine meal tonight for Father's Day. However, these are today's offering of seedlings plucked from the garden around 6:00 pm. This is the largest amount I've ever had (so far) open on a single day. This is nothing compared to what real hybridizers (or the big boys/girls who seriously do this) have...but, for me, it was a pretty good day!

Let's look closer at these trays. The one on the left:

The one on the right:

Let's look at just a few of these:

This one was open perfectly at 7:00 am and was still beautiful at 6:00 pm:

Here is the same seedling in the evening with a registered daylily, Sheer Excitement:

Just in case you couldn't tell, my seedling is on the right. I'm pretty proud of it!

It's such a thrill to wake up in the morning and race outside to see what's going on with the seedlings! Not that I don't also love my registered daylilies (and spend hours taking pictures of them...I'll try to get to some more of them tomorrow), but there's something very special about seeing a daylily bloom that is entirely new...and that no one else has seen (except you

Tomorrow is another day (hmmm, someone else said that...wasn't it Scarlet O'Hara??)...


Jane Marie said...

I love grouping the daylily blooms together like that. It's so pretty. But you knwo you can eat daylilies. I had a tea once and served the ladies daylily blooms stuff with chicken salad. I used the old fashioned yellow Hyperion, on Blue Willow plates. It was the hit of the party.

joey said...

Since my garden and life calls 'big time', I see it has been way too long for a visit ... you must be so proud of 'your babies'. As always, a pure delight ... hugs from an old gardening friend that adores your daylilies!

Sara said...

Wow. I just popped over from Jill's blog; I think I've just seen more lilies on your blog than I've seen in my entire life! They are amazing and unique. My favorites are those with the slender petals, such as Moving All Over - so graceful!

kate smudges said...

Your daylilies are truly amazing. There is an endless assortment of them - a variety of colours and shapes. I am completely in awe. Your seedlings must be a thrill to see in bloom. Way to go! Please pat yourself on the back for me.

VĂ©rone said...


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