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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seedlngs for Today 061208

Where did the day go?? Today was a good day in the seedling bed. I found four that I think show promise.

Here's today's 'class' photo. You may recognize the spidery/ufo one from the other day. This is its second bloom. The two whitish ones are from two different scapes on the same daylily seedling. It was my first seedling to bloom last year. I'm still rather pleased with it!. All the others are very first blooms and all are shown inside after a long hot day outside.

Just for comparison, here's the same group picture without a flash:

The four seedlings pictured at the top are the three in a vertical line on the far right side and the one on the bottom left. No time right now to show some blooms from today's registered daylilies. I'll get to them!

1 comment:

Jane Marie said...

My heart is aflutter over number two. The others are beautiful too but that one is special.

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