Gotta Garden

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Seedling(s) Fun

So.....we'll swing into action with these:

Haha (I do amuse myself)...

These are today's seedlings (every day there are new ones and ones that may's very fascinating) for your perusal:

It is so fun to go out each morning! I spend hours (truly) looking at the daylilies, taking their pictures (some better than others) and then trying (and not succeeding) to organize all that data. Oh well....


While out among the daylilies, I saw a few pea pods. You might remember that I planted two varieties of peas on whim earlier this spring. I wish I had planted many more as they are so tasty! I think of them as nature's candy. Unfortunately, they climb on anything but their trellis (like weeds, parsley, daylilies...) for some strange reason. It was a very nice scene (for me) to be enjoying the daylilies and eating fresh peas. Too bad that there are so few pea pods (I want more!)....note to self: plant more next year!


Annie in Austin said...

This is really your season, isn't it Gotta Garden! It's fun to watch you go nuts each year, but these trays and trays of seedling flowers are really outstanding.
Being partial to yellow spidery types, the Oz decendent appeals to me. Hope there are many more buds-in-waiting on your scapes!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

kate smudges said...

However do you keep track of them all? It boggles my mind - not that it takes much for that to happen, but I know I'd spend all my time staring at them and never quite manage to keep all of them straight. I like the way you've arranged them on the garden bench. They look like stars in a show!

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