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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Today Brought

Today brought the first bloom of one of my very favorite daylilies, VELVET RIBBONS:

Also joining in were TERRY LYNINGER:

DANCE AMONG THE STARS (new here...opening its very first flower):




Another bloom of MOVING ALL OVER...trying to move...I tried to help it and damaged it...

Interestingly, WAITING IN THE WINGS (which has been blooming) is right beside MOVING ALL OVER (maybe not the best placement on my part). WITW is brighter in color, but MOA appears to have stronger scapes (in my opinion). Of course, it is worth watching them to see if these things change over time.


Group shot (or clump as we usually say) of BALLERINA ON ICE:

VELVET ONYX opened its first flowers for this year...three at once, although not showing its doubling:

From last night, I brought these blooms inside, so they were nearing the end of their "day" life.
A poly bloom from PATSY CARPENTER:

Same story for SPECTRAL ELEGANCE (the light inside is not good):

This is the big seedling from yesterday. You can see what a presence it had out in the seedling bed (okay, I see there aren't many blooms...yet...but, still, it was a big flower)

Here it is from the back. You can see all the buds plus it has a prolif. This is pretty nice for a new flower. I don't think I had any last year with a comparable number of buds.

Here I am trying to measure was a whopping 12 inches!

To give you some idea, here it is beside NANCY BILLINGSLEA (who is around 8 inches):

I didn't show you the other seedling from yesterday (yet) has an odd color, but I think the eye is kinda interesting. It is also a large flower (six inches, three inch petals):

I'm measuring the white seedling in these next two pictures (no comments on the dirty nails!) a very nice sized daylily as well.

The three of them are lined up together last night. They're not at their best at the end of a long day, but it was fun to see them together:

Finally (yes, at last!), there were two seedlings who debuted today...neither really excited me, however:

I usually have help inspecting the garden. Today, Sam Cat was in the seedling bed, no doubt agreeing with me that we have many more blooms to look forward to!

That's all folks, as Bugs Bunny and the rest used to say....always more to come!

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Jane Marie said...

You're right. The very first picture, Velvet Ribbons is a knockout. I love contrast and that sure has it.
My daylilies are just about to begin. The first bloom apparently was yesterday and I missed it :( I found the spent bloom this morning.

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