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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today is a very exciting day! The seedlings have started blooming! DH told me to look out the window at the daylilies blooming (imagine that) and I immediately saw this one:

It is quite large (I'll have to measure it)...probably a MAGIC OF OZ kid...has lots of buds (yes!)...even a nice looking, it'll be tested today with temps getting close to 100.

I also found this one:

This is a tremendously beautiful bloom (spoken like a proud mama!)....I can't find a thing wrong with it. It's open very early in the's good size (I'll have to measure, but probably between 5.5-6 ins)...and it's just lovely! This one is from LESLIE RENEE x SMILE AGAIN.

There's actually a third seedling open (note, last year's first one is not the first this year)...all very first flowers. I'll have to try to get down to where it is a bit later, when that area is getting a little more shade in order to get a better picture.

There's nothing like getting up to see brand new daylilies!


Some of the regular daylilies are starting to bloom's the first bloom for 2008 from DESTINED TO SEE:

BALLERINA ON ICE (one of my very favorite daylilies):

You can't appreciate this one from the picture, necessarily, but it is a teeny tiny bloom called ITSY BITSY SPIDER:

When it has more blooms open, I'll do a comparison so you can easily see how tiny it is. Very cute! Yesterday, it had its first bloom open and without the pinching of the petals, just looked rather a small yellow, we see where it gets its name from.

AERIAL APPLIQUE continues to in its new spot:

Making me especially happy, I see it is already putting up another scape:


Not that I actually wondered, but if there was any doubt about why the garlic is lying on the ground...

Leo, who enjoys the garlic....

(Can't wait for tomorrow!)


Katie said...

I love love love your daylilies! We have 3 kinds here, and they're in full bloom and magnificent. That is when the dog doesn't use them for the bathroom and make them all dead-looking! Pets! Arrrg!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I am enjoying my daily visual stroll through your garden and eagerly look forward to what might be blooming next.
My one double daylily is making me happy too!

Jane Marie said...

I'm enjoying your daylilies. It's getting me really anxious for mine to start. I'm really behind in the garden tasks now that we've had all of this rain. Hoping to get busy tomorrow and re-mark those that didn't make it.

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