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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Some Early Daylilies

Today's offerings...these are all established daylilies and so are blooming on VA time...

HIDDEN RICHES (Salter EH, 1996, Tet):

APPLIQUE (Stamile, 2002, Tet) in the morning with the sun shinning through:

APPLIQUE in the afternoon....very first flower open for this year. Last year, this one bloomed once, maybe twice and then dropped all its buds due to our drought...hoping for better luck this year!

CHRISTINE DIXON (Hansen D, 2002 Tet):

WAITING IN THE WINGS (Stamile, 2002, Tet)...another bloom, this one a skinny minnie after rain:

A favorite Asiatic lily (Lilium) Lollipop:

1 comment:

kate smudges said...

Okay ... I think Waiting in the Wings is definitely my favourite. The thin-petalled ones appeal to me, that is until I see the ruffled ones.

I hope that you get more rain this year!

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