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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Theory of Benign Neglect

In support of my Theory of Benign Neglect (or How to Keep Your African Violets in Bloom), I herewith present eight African Violets for your perusal:

I just happened to glance up and notice them. It then occurred to me that I could not remember when I last watered them. May has passed by in a blur, so I'd rather not even speculate on that last watering. See, benign neglect equals flowers. It must be so!

No jibes on the quality of some of these photos (not perfect...yet)! It did occur to me as I was uploading them that they presented a perfect opportunity to try out that new macro lens. Next time. I'm still just learning on the auto mode, so switching lenses is a bit beyond my comfort level. But, I'll get there! Just you wait.


On other fronts, (literally front yard) I snapped this picture of LACY BORDER with two blooms open late this afternoon right before a tremendous storm. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, water is good. A few daylilies from the pot ghetto moved into their permanent homes (or as permanent as one can have one of my neighbor's husband named them for Plants on Wheels), a hosta got divided and planted (I thought I would try the border thing with this one), a hellebore was plunked into its new spot and some rearranging was accomplished in the ghetto (which allowed me to notice I'm still waiting on a particular daylily...okay, lots of daylilies....but one that I remembered.)

Anyway, a pleasing afternoon in the garden...

Oh shoot. I just remembered I wanted to take another picture of WAITING IN THE WINGS. Too late now. DAYlily....oh well, there will be another bloom and maybe it will be even better (the one I missed taking was pretty darn good).


Muum said...

Those are great close up shots of your A Violets, and w/out macro- nice. love the Lacy Border Daylily.. it is absolutely breathtaking!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

My violets are going crazy now too, bless them and their easy going ways!

Any chance you could tell us what variety/name went with your pretty violets?

kate smudges said...

I'm all for neglect, especially if I would have blooms like these appearing. Well done! They are beautiful.

Your photo quality is good - you are faster at learning your new camera than I was ... took me months before I could take a picture that wasn't blurry.

See just what I thought - Lacy Border is gorgeous ...that's what I enjoy about daylilies - there is such a variety in their flower shapes.

Your POWs made me laugh...

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