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Friday, April 20, 2007

A Bit of What's Going on Here....

The bees are busy at work:

Tulips and pansies:

A lilac...just coming into bloom...which I thought was terrific until I saw the lilacs are in full bloom down in Fredericksburg:

Here are some tulips...despite this being a rather off year for them:

Check these out...these are a lily flowered tulip that has come back for probably four years (hooray!), but this year...well, I've not seen them quite like this:


This almost looks like a daylily!

First blooms on Tarda...lots of foliage, so I hope many more blooms to follow:

Lilac Wonder:

Geranium Daffodils...only part of them as to show you them going around the corner would mean you would see my many many weeds! This is the backyard and the weeder hasn't gotten there...yet...

Chives...these are in the backyard and are ahead of those wih some of the peonies:

Delaware Valley White Azaleas just about to pop:

Cytisus scoparius 'Moonlight' Scotch Broom...
Very fragrant, just coming into bloom:

That's all for now...I have a couple more things to tell you about, but will get to them a bit later...

Pictures are clickable.


lisa said...

Nice! I really like those daylily-looking tulips...that last one looks like a spider daylily. Are they fragrant, too? *Sigh*...I'm so far behind everyone else it seems...guess I should lookup a couple Alaskan blogs! :)

Marc said...

Beautiful! You are doing much better in your garden than I am.

We had a lot of perinnials damaged by the late freeze. :(
Oh well, I'll just have to spruce things up this year with more annuals than usual :)

Keep up the great work - in the garden and on the blog!

Have a great weekend!

Annie in Austin said...

The yellow tulips with the extremely beautiful blue pansies are my fave, Gotta Garden - but lucky for you I'm too far away to try to swipe the container.
I hope that lilac is a fragrant one!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Mary said...

Hi! We're almost neighbors! I lived in Maryland most of my life and spent three years in Delaware before we moved to North Carolina. Looking at your garden, I'll bet everything popped suddenly, as I know the weather has been horrible lately.

You reminded me that I want a lilac bush. Our house is kind of new and we are adding gardens, slowly but surely.

Your photos are wonderful. I'd love to smell your garden.

OldRoses said...

I love the tulips and pansies in the container. I've never seen that combination before. How creative of you!

CountryGirl said...

Your photos are wonderful. I too, liked the tulips with the pansies. What a great combination!

Ki said...

Looks like you have a lot of species tulips. I recognize the names as I was buying some last year. Lilacs already! We only have shoots just starting to grow now.

Gotta Garden said...

Oh Lisa...there's always someone ahead and someone behind...look at me and the lilacs...Fredericksburg is just 30 mins south of me (technically the same zone) but always ahead by a week or two...

I should get a picture of them closed, the tulips...when they look more normal...I will have to check on the fragrance, not sure. Of course, looking like that, they caught my daylily!

Thanks for coming over!

Hi Marc! Thanks...I'll try...I'm betting your perennials will come back after the frost...I accidentally weed whacked three of my daylilies down to nubs yesterday...and I expect them to come back.

You, too...thanks again!

Ha, Annie, as if you'd need to swipe anything! Lol! That lilac (a few others soon to follow) is an odd thing. It is the root stock of a Miss Kim...who knew it/they were grafted...lost the Miss Kim (and made sure when I replaced it that it was all Miss and have that...Every year I debate its worthiness as it is bigger (and continuing to do so) than the Miss Kim would have been...

Thanks, Mary! Lucky you, a new house and a new garden! You can do exactly what you want! Well, I've pretty much done that here, given my limitations! Yes, things are starting to get going I walk around, I see more and more buds...anticipation!

You probably know this, but from working in a garden center...amazingly, not all lilacs are very fragrant (and really, without that, what is the point), buy it in bloom to make sure it's smells the way you want! Actually, I think that's a pretty good throught for most fragrant shrubs...having once bought a mock orange without fragrance.

Thank you, Old Roses, but I'm not particularly creative, though I wish. I'm sure I saw it somewhere one year. For the last five years or so, I plant it every fall (my favorite colors are blue/purple pansies with yellow tulips) and I think twice now, it's turned out fairly well. It's always something! Lol! One year the tulips were duds (what I get for buying cheap ones, I guess...but who can resist and I still do), another year the pansies didn't do well for whatever reason...this year, they were supposed to be all the same color...but you see what I got! First time I've done it with an assortment!

Thanks, Countrygirl! I'm pretty happy with it/them this year! And, it's easy...It's just a matter of remembering to do it each fall. Over time, I've come to realize that fall planted pansies (here) do much better in spring, plus you get the bonus of having them for a bit in the fall. Of course, once the heat sets in, they're history...

Hi Ki, I think I started going to the species because I find it too much trouble and bother to keep replacing tulips every year...and mostly, the species do pretty well at returning...I don't have much luck with the other tulips returning at all, despite buying ones that say they will...

It looks like things are going pretty well in your garden, based on your pictures! I bet it won't be long now...doesn't it feel like a ball rolling down the hill and picking up speed?? Before we know it, we will be smack in the middle of summer, I think, saying "Where did spring go?" (Or maybe this is my age talking...enough said!)

Thank you all for your comments!

Kate said...

And to think I was admiring tiny buds on my neighbour's lilac tree this evening ... and then to come here and to see your lilacs in bloom - that was a treat!

The geranium daffodil patch is gorgeous ... and your lily-like tulips are a lovely, wonderful colour.

I have been having good chuckles thinking of how your daughter used to hide her ballet tights ... what a good hiding place too!

Gotta Garden said...

Hey Kate: It was fun, for a moment, to think of her as that small girl! She is very grown up now and back at school...although I think for not too much longer as they seem to really want to get this semester over with...

If you could really see those geranium daffodils...on the one hand, they are such good performers and have a nice fragrance...but the weeds! I really really must get at them. How sad to have them blooming their heads off and me leaving them surrounded by weeds! Maybe I could just pretend it's a meadow think?!

I am beside myself that a small tree peony (I guess that means years until bloom...) near the geranium daffs has leafed out! I think it was quite miffed at me for moving it last year. Okay, I will just have to get out there today and weed!

Thanks for the motivation!

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