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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mary Washington House 041907

As part of my ongoing effort to journal about Mary's Garden, here's what it looks like this week. If you missed my previous posts, you can check here. My goal is to do a better job this year in following the garden through its changes. If you don't recall, the Mary Washington House is the home of George Washington's mother. George bought this home for his mother and she spent, I believe, the last 17 years of her life here. I volunteer in the garden with a wonderful group of folks loosely called "Mary's Gardeners". We work under the direction of H. the Horticulturist.

One of the pleasures of the experience is that it is always a learning one. H. the Horticulturist showed us the following money plants, Lunaria annua (also called Honesty):

You'll note a white, pink and dark pink...all of which grow in Mary's Garden...and a multi colored one which grows in H. the Horticulturist's own garden.

Look closely in this photo and you'll see all three:

In this one, a bit closer of the darker ones, you'll also see Virginia Bluebells, Mertensia virginica:

Also in the garden are native Columbines, Aquilegia canadensis:

This lighter version has turned up:

A happy mix of things:

Mary's view this of these days the yellow house will become a bit less of a focal point:

Mary's vegetable garden is coming along....on the side where the yellow tulips are will later be a long border of garlic chives:

The basket sports a different look this week:

First iris:

Some anemones are still going:

H. the Horticulturist also showed us that Rosemary will root in water:

And, lucky me... I ended up with flowers from Mary's Garden and H. the Horticulturist's:

Until next time!


Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a lovely bouquet! I have honesty growing in my garden too, some are deep purple and some are white. I don't have the pinkish variety, they look pretty too.

So rosemary is another one that roots in water? Good, I'm gonna give it a try. My basil did root and tomorrow I'm going to pot it up. Thanks for the tip!

Kate said...

I'll try this again ... I thought I left a comment, but these word verifications confound me. Why, oh why don't I just give in and wear my glasses??

It would be great fun working in this garden with you ... besides I'd learn much. I love the colours of the honesty. The basket of tulips are so pretty. I am curious to see what comes next.

Your pics are always a treat and thank you for your explanations. I love coming here to learn something new ... and also get motivated to try new things.

I am going to try to root some rosemary in water. I just bought a small one at the garden centre ... even though I won't be able to plant it for weeks still.

Green thumb said...

Dear Gotta Garden,the Mary Washington House garden looks lovely!Working over there must have been a great experience for you.Loved the basket of Tulips.

OldRoses said...

I only have white and Purple Lunaria in my garden. Thanks for keeping us up to date on this beautiful and historical (my favorite part!) place.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi YE: Isn't that something! I guess I thought Rosemary with its more woody stems wouldn't, but it does! I have those three rooted pieces to prove it! You're welcome!

Interesting, the lilacs in the bouquet were the first to go, then the columbines...everything else still looks great!

I know, Kate...sometimes I have to do them three and four times! I, too, should probably put on the reading glasses, but I think maybe I need special computer ones!

I feel that way about you...the plants you have shown are fascinating...and I love how your posts make me feel that life is sweet and wonderful!

Thank you, though, that is just the nicest thing(s) to say!

Good luck with the rosemary!

Hi Green Thumb: I've been volunteering there now...four years? You get to feeling very protective (or something!) of it...and it's such a nice group of's really something I look forward to...a group of us from there are taking a little garden trip on Wed...that I'll surely blog!

Nice to see you!

Hi OldRoses: I haven't any in my garden...maybe I should? Of course, there is so much there, I can just enjoy it! I do love the historical aspect and I never tire of thinking about the history associated with it. Just last week, I heard one of the docents telling a tour group that they would get to see George Washington's room (for when he came to visit his mom)...where he slept...and that they could tell their friends that they really had seen where George Washington slept!

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