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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sissinghurst: Final Installment

It's time to finish up our little tour. I hope you enjoyed Part One and Part Two.

Before I start, I wanted to mention that I came across this book,V. Sackville-West The Illustrated Garden Book, A New Anthology by Robin Lane Fox. I just had to have it (that it was bargain priced was added incentive). As you may know, I love the month to month format and skipped right to May, since this was time period of my visit. Having read the introduction, I realized that the book was not exactly as I had thought when purchased, but nonetheless quite interesting. I had thought that it would tell me what Sissinghurst is like each month...and it does, sort of. It is, though, a collection of columns by Ms. Sackville-West that the editor believes many of which are not in her already published books. So, while the columns are delightful (more on that in a minute), it is not a book of see-this, see-that, etc. in May at Sissinghurst. Which, I suppose, upon reflection, is actually good since it is now too late for me to see those things and I can only hope I saw the highlights! What I did see was wonderfully enjoyable, but I am sure you could visit on a daily basis and see new things.

To the book, though....The first column in May is entitled Carpeting. Carpeting? Ah, ground covers! I laughed with delight because this is my current focus. If I needed a push or a pat on the back, or just a "Do It!", this column provided it. There in words written many years ago are my thoughts come to life backed by someone who put it in practice. In other words, you can choose what to fill a space or Mother Nature will. Ms. Sackville-West was not overly fond of bare spots and actually says "cram, cram, cram" with regard to placing plants and finding room for the next one. Vita, Vita, where have you been all my life??! (I am ashamed to admit that this is the first of her works I have read...correction, am reading.) That is exactly my philosphy although my humble small garden is no Sissinghurst (or will be), but it is crammed, crammed, crammed! I wouldn't have it any other way!

So, now I am eager to get on to the other months (as they come!) and I'll turn back to April because, you see, the columns are more like gardening conversations. I have begun to see why she was so adored and her columns generated such response.

On to the pictures...with a few I mentioned in a previous post, there were more than few people there. It was difficult, no downright hard, to get pictures without people in them. I hope you'll excuse the folks that pop up in these. Couldn't be helped. They were there for a wonderful experience, too...and who can mind a garden enjoyed by people who love it?

"...the more do I become convinced that a great secret of good gardening lies in covering every patch of the ground with some suitable carpeter." (page 69)

" follow my advice of cram, cram, cram every chink and cranny." (page 69)

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OldRoses said...

Breathtaking! And you did a great job getting photos with few or no people in them. I will probably never get to the UK (my dream vacation)so virtual tours of the famous gardens there are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Gorgeous! (Even the walls are carpeted in some places... *grin*)

lisa said...

Great tour! I appreciate the book quotes, too...I was feeling bad this year that I may be overcrowding my plants, but now I feel vindicated!

Gotta Garden said...

Thanks, OldRoses! I feel like that, too, that I enjoy seeing other gardens and places I will probably not get to visit.

It was for our 25th wedding anniversary, so I doubt I'll get back...although I would love to, so many more gardens to see there!

Hi BS_G: Yes! I should have had my book in hand (or some book!) and just checked off things! Lol!

Lol, Lisa! Yes! We are! With all the weeds (especially gosh!), I can see that nature must intend that it be carpeted!! Let the cramming continue!

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