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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Daffodil Show

Last Wednesday, after the Belmont luncheon, I went over to see my first ever Daffodil Show.
It was held in the brand new alumni center at UMW. It's very pretty...the dogwoods were in bloom already:

When I saw this fothergilla, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed mine...until the voles got it.

Here's my first glimpse of the show:

Rows upon rows of daffodils:

I think I heard there was something like 2700 stems entered in the show. Of big interest (and, therefore, difficult to photograph) to the crowds were the daffodil arrangements entered by various Garden Clubs. Here's a few:

Pretty amazing, huh. In the next post, I'll show a few of the daffodils on display that caught my eye.


Kylee said...

This would have been my second summer for my fothergilla, and I noticed a week or so ago that the rabbits chewed it ALL THE WAY TO THE GROUND!! Grrrrrr.........

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Arrangements pretty, very pretty!!!!

2700 stems = a lot of dafs. You know, somehow, I'm not surprised that you've joined this daffodil society. ;-)

Gotta Garden said...

Oh, Kylee, I am sorry. I hope it springs back, although those honey scented blooms might not happen this year for you...

Don't you have cats? My cats keep the rabbits away. I never saw a tulip...ever...until the cats started 'working'!

Hi YE...well, it was the lure of ordering! I met this gal at the luncheon who told me the society has a fall bulb swap where people bring their extras...that sounds interesting, too!

When I first walked was a bit overwhelming...the same sort of thing I felt when I first visited a daylily farm. It's hard to take it all in. Fortunately, (ha) I've found ways to overcome this!

LostRoses said...

Look at those rows of daffodils! I had no idea they were displayed that way at a show. Very cool.

Kylee said...

Oh yes, we've got cats. And when Jinx was still living, he'd present us with a rabbit on the front porch (ick) quite regularly. I don't actually see too many rabbits and I think they do their work at night, when we put all the cats in either the garage or the pool house.

Kate said...

I would have been overwhelmed seeing so many daffodils, but, hmmmm... I suspect I would have gotten over that really fast!

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