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Monday, April 02, 2007

Garden Trips: Woodley's in South Carolina

Woodley's, located just down the road from my sister's, is a very fun garden center to visit (and, ahem...spend a few dollars).

I was quite proud of my (rare) self discipline in that on Friday (when I took these pictures), I just looked. Of course, I went back Sat. morning before I began my drive back and shopped from my "grocery list" that I had made the night before!

The parking lot has these huge pots:

It's early (even in South Carolina) so they're still getting ready...won't it be fun to see what they put on these:

This was labeled as Bridal Wreath Spirea, but I'm not convinced (although I did buy

Water feature(s):

With koi:

Colorful pots always attract me...Did you notice the black ones?

Nice bench, huh? Do say yes because it came home with me! Aluminum, which means zero maintenance...I'm happy! (Remember that 25% off coupon in the symposium packet...guess what I used it on!)

What a gorgeous camellia (and a corresponding price):

And now, at last, I present some of the containers I saw:

So, maybe you got a few ideas? Some combinations you might give a try?


Annie in Austin said...

That does look like a fun nursery, Gotta Garden. I've tried to figure out the white-flowering spiraeas, and there's a lot of conflicting information as to what's the "true" Bridal Wreath. So for now my varieties are lumped under 'bridal-wreath type' on my spreadsheet. This one looks a little too upright to fit the classic mold, but is pretty, no matter what the name.

Congratulations on a good trip.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Gotta Garden said...

Annie, you are so right on again. The more I research it, the more I am convinced it is not. My receipt says it is a Reeves variety, which is double...but I can find no pictures that look like these...or even pretty close. It also has no suckers.

My fear is that is the same plant I brought home two years ago (much smaller, though)....the name escapes me at the moment, but my neighbor told me is used in bonsai...which makes sense given the perfect little blooms...and it wasn't hardy here...

The nursery also had some labeled exactly the same...that looked like spirea...arching branches, suckers...and I noticed the leaves were out and it had not bloomed (although the buds were there)...this plant blooms before it got its also has a most definite shrub type shape (woody).

Oh well...nothing ventured...ha!

lisa said...

Thanks for the tour! Don't you just love to see what other people put in their containers? Fun to get new ideas for combos...can't wait until it warms up for me here so I can get started!

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